The movie that I almost fell asleep, I still like it very much

Teresa 2022-10-16 04:56:39

During the entire movie viewing process, I fell asleep twice, and finally the child's father couldn't stand it anymore, and he was completely refreshed to watch this movie that he started to like a little bit.
I've seen that sci-fi killer movie of this beauty, it's cool and beautiful. As for the movie that got the limelight, the name doesn't appeal to me.
The angle of the film is really good, and I kept thinking on the way home, what is he trying to say about the female side of the pressure in this era? Or do you want to say the bland happiness that others have been talking about? Calm down and find that it's neither, it's good. very nice. Finally someone who thinks seriously.
Refused to grow up, has been severely criticized.
Therefore, I agree with some of B's ​​practices, girls are selfish, willful, and even a little evil.
This should explain something, but I haven't figured it out yet.
Always, like I told you, it's a dull, good-looking movie.
PS: The figure of the fat man, alas, also has sex scenes, alas.

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