Gothic neutral emoji

Tobin 2022-10-25 03:11:55

An older unmarried young woman with gothic dark circles under her eyes, the first thing she does when she wakes up in the morning is to open the refrigerator and drink Coke. Interestingly, she is also a shooter who writes juvenile novels. There is a sense of dislocation between the absurdity of adults and the feelings of girls. Mingming suffered a setback, and he had to write "Life, I'm here" at the end of the novel. It seems to say that no matter what stage of life you are in, life is absurd, boring, unwilling, but still cool to go on. Here, the movie gives us a gothic neutral look.

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Young Adult quotes

  • Mavis Gary: Mary Ellen, you were great tonight. It's so inspiring to see a single mother with so much confidence on stage. Really.

  • Matt Freehauf: Mike Moran is your cousin?

    Mavis Gary: Unfortunately.

    Matt Freehauf: Oh, here comes the happiest cripple in Minnesota.

    Wheelchair Mike: Mavis?

    Mavis Gary: Mike.

    Wheelchair Mike: What is up, girly-friend? Holy shit, cuz. This is such a rad surprise.

    Mavis Gary: Yeah, I'm in town just for a little real estate thing. How are you?

    Wheelchair Mike: I'm great! Kim and I just had our six-year anniversary.

    Mavis Gary: Wow, six years. What is that, wood? Porcelain?

    Matt Freehauf: Strychnine?

    Wheelchair Mike: Anyway, the kids are great. Work is a trip but I play hard too. I've been doing a lot of rock climbing.

    Matt Freehauf: You mean rock crawling, right?

    Wheelchair Mike: No I'm vertical, bro, believe it or not. We can do anything a normal can do. Probably more, because we've had to reboot for extra positivity. You know what I'm saying? You should try it, Matt.

    Mavis Gary: You should try it, Matt.

    Matt Freehauf: No.

    Wheelchair Mike: I love the way this guy talks. He's like, no! I'm so glad you guys are buds. I can totally see it. It's like Will & Grace.

    Mavis Gary: Aww, it is.

    Matt Freehauf: No, it isn't.

    Wheelchair Mike: Look I'm gonna roll back to my boys, but we should chat later. I'll buy you a scotch or whatever you got there. Love this place. Total time capsule, right?