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Relying on youth to eat was originally a derogatory term. From the current point of view, the situation of eating youth food has become more and more serious, and even it is proud of it. The film "Youth" is to discuss how people should treat youth. The entry point was originally very novel, but unfortunately, the theme of success is also the theme of failure. The film only puts this issue in the dock for interrogation, but the case does not have a closing statement, and even a single attitude is not clearly expressed.
Mavis Gary (Richards Theron) is a gunslinger writer. She became famous at a young age and left her remote hometown early. Unfortunately, her glory ends here, and she is still a gunslinger without authorship in her late forties. , life was chaotic, and she was divorced. For her, the only joy in life was completing manuscripts and making love. A letter from an old lover, Buddy, brings a glimmer of hope in her life. Although she doesn't yearn for her ex-boyfriend's life, she misses her ex-boyfriend very much. After all, he has brought happiness to her. She also thinks that Buddy only wants to get out of the current situation. Therefore, she returned to her hometown full of hope to "save" Barty from the sea of ​​misery. When people have no hope of changing their lives, it's certainly a good idea to hide in the past. Memory is not like life, he will choose to remember something he wants to remember, but not everyone lives so poetically and needs to use the past to add joy to today. Mewes' ex-boyfriend is one of them.
The mentality of a writer is often a continuation of childhood, just like Tolstoy once said that David Copperfield was his favorite English novel from childhood to old age. It is well known that this novel by Dickens is a story about the growth of children. Most writers relied on childlike innocence to create, and Mavis' situation was even more serious. Not only did she rely on childlike innocence, but her lifestyle was a continuation of her teenage years. When her peers have already started a family and established a career, her life motivation is still the pleasure brought by youth, and she keeps using new methods to bring new happiness. But in Buddy's eyes, family is the most important thing. It's enough for pleasure to appear occasionally. That's why he invites Mavis to drink, and he didn't avoid a kiss from her when he was drunk, but when Mavis When asked to leave with him at the banquet, Buddy categorically refused.
After breaking up with Buddy, Mavis suddenly found that he no longer belonged to this town, and everything here was rejecting her, whether it was language or psychology. She fell out with the whole town, and came to the only Frey Haver in the town who would listen to her heart.
At home, the two began to communicate since Mavis just returned to town, which was quite speculative. The reason is very simple. His situation is similar to that of Mewes. She is someone who doesn't want to grow up, while Frey Haver is physically disabled and self-enclosed. Two frustrated people enjoyed a night of pleasure when they were the most frustrated in their lives. In the form of Hollywood shooting, it seemed that they were about to have a leap in life.
But in fact, under the persuasion of Freihave's sister, Mavis went back to the original path and continued to live in the original way. By the way, Freihave's sister said something after persuading Mavis. : Take me with you. Her mentality is self-evident
, she doesn't want to be in the town, but she can't get out due to lack of ability, so she asks Mavis for help.
If the movie came to an abrupt end here, it would have become a complete tragedy, but in the novel written by Mavis, he said that he had turned the page, and the movie ended here, giving people an unclear attitude. , I can't figure out whether she wants to start a new life or continue to squander her little youth.
This is not an open ending, which lowered the grade of the movie. What would have been a classic movie collapsed in an instant and became an ordinary masterpiece. Another peak of Richards Theron's acting skills was also wasted in vain.

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