Heart is higher than the sky, life is thinner than paper

Aryanna 2022-10-10 21:10:36

Watching this film is the first day of the annual vacation, and the sense of crisis in my heart makes me find too much resonance.

The beautiful writers played by Theron are very similar to the various friends who go to various big cities around them. They have been school flowers in their own small world since they were young. Continue to reign supreme in the outside world. They are active and healthy, and they can afford a house and a dog. There is an enviable job, and there is a sense of loneliness with no end in sight.

Sometimes I feel that women are really pitiful. When I look at the past, those handsome high school boys and friends of the school flower have found an honest girl to live a peaceful life. The school flower is still carrying brand-name bags floating around, Well, I am so good, I must find a perfect love to be worthy of me, how can I just follow Diaosi like this. If you encounter something inappropriate, then divorce and move on. Anyway, the world loves me.

I don't know why, I don't see the smell of growing up in Theron's body, but it is full of the commonality of all kinds of pots around me. We are not ugly, our income is not ugly, and we have the ability to take care of ourselves. Exquisite, know how Flirt with men, and hide in front of people you hate. But how can people who are superstitious about their perfection find true love? Your true love is a high-income Prince Charming who has been gilded by foreigners in a big city. In their eyes, you are just a foreign girl with a little money. I feel very helpless at this moment, people really have to learn to accept their fate. If you don't accept fate, you have to pay a lot to get what the reincarnated girl can easily get.

Occasionally, I still want a sincere relationship. Everyone has a heartbreak when they receive a wedding invitation from an ex-boyfriend. Just a vacation, just a failed attempt at a man. After crying for a while, and returning to his home, it was not the time when he continued to attend a high-end cocktail party, showing a noble, glamorous and hypocritical smirk. No matter how bloody, the last piece of land we stand on must be the most suitable soil for our growth.

It has nothing to do with love. Love or something, although longing, is getting less and less intense. This is just a vacation, failure does not mean the collapse of life, failure Theron wipes away his tears, and it is not to continue to stumble in the big city of golden leftovers.

It's easy to think of my poor self, who once suffered a rejection of sadness, was in a bad mood for healing, and hid in a hotel room crying and drinking, until a girl gave me a word of comfort: "You are at least five years old. Crying in a star-rated hotel room, think about those female diaosi who drink Erguotou by the river?" - So he was resurrected with full blood, and he had material to lay the groundwork for, and he should heal faster than ordinary people.

The rational analysis of Taurus begins again.
If EX really reunites with Theron and is dragged by Theron to live together in a big city, will this man who cannot adapt to the rhythm of the city face unemployment, pay alimony for his ex-wife, and cannot accept the rhythm of the big city, will it be another battle? The tragedy of hurting each other, at that time, maybe Theron would feel that he was not as suitable for him as the rich middle-aged men who had one-night stands with him before. If he adapts easily to urban life, then a baby is willing to leave her father and the arms of Theron as soon as she is born. With her handsome appearance and a lot of income, young girls should come flying.

What's more, such a man, Sister Theron, is trying to fail. A 37-year-old girl's school girl is 37 no matter how beautiful she is. She can only take the initiative to take off her clothes to have sex with an honest male diaosi. Time really kills a pig. Unless you decide not to get married for the rest of your life, you will just accept your fate and find a male diaosi. get married.

#If I have a daughter in the future, I will definitely not instill in her the importance of studying hard, but force her to marry herself before the age of 25. #

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