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Teenager is a film full of complex speculations about the meaning of life. It is open and valuable because of the pursuit and exploration of the deep meaning of life.

Starring Charlize Theron, the divorced young artist Mavis is undoubtedly a woman with an extremely sincere attitude towards life and a strong contender. She is unscrupulous in her daily life to the point of being sloppy, and unfortunately has alcoholism and robs people. Husband and many other bad hobbies. But when she actually dresses up, everyone has to be impressed by her capable self-confidence, she looks like a diamond hidden by the ashes of time - Mewes only pays attention to the strengths of other people's lives and ignores himself of brilliance. The clips of her make-up make us believe that she is actually a smart and fickle woman who knows how to dress herself up and show her personal charm—although these things are all superficial, her heart is actually dark and dirty, inferior and sensitive. At the beginning of the movie, she has a one-night stand. Mavis lacks seriousness and depth in her relationship, doesn't care about her partner, doesn't ask for answers, and has a quick-witted personality. This explains the root cause of her emotional unhappiness over the years. Her purpose in life is like the song she sings on the trip: a paranoid narcissist who enjoys satisfying her own vanity by hurting others.

The high school life in the limelight has created her competitive, sharp, willful and selfish personality. When she became an adult, she was divorced, and her debauched emotional experience made her infertile. She, but Mewes does not want to repent, if she can wake up early to the relativity of the meaning of life and its chaotic real face, and understand that every life in this world, whether good or bad, has its own followers and supporters , and when there is no comparison between the various lives, she must be able to live better.

She was indignant to see that old love Buddy had a lovely child and a happy family, in other words, she thought it was all hers. After she has lived a life of willful and rambunctious for many years, she still wants to have everything that is safe. Mavis was jealous of Buddy's family life, but the increasingly prosperous Buddy sincerely said to her, "You are so lucky, nothing seems to have changed." In Buddy's eyes, the dashing Mavis is not destiny darling? Mewes resists the invasion of the years with a closed and stubborn heart. She only eats diet food every day to maintain her appearance, and her heart hardly grows and matures with the pace of life. Anxiety, her blond hair was almost ripped off by herself. Through this film, we regretfully see how a woman whose thinking is still in her teenage years gave up management and management of her own life, refused to carry out practical and sincere personal emotional practice, and was blindly obsessed with appearance, looking for emotional shortcuts, trying to hurt her The series of crazy, boring and stupid things that others do to maintain their narcissism and rebuild their own meaning throw themselves into the mirror of innocence, and are instead defeated by the unbalanced self-reflection reflection.

Not the soy sauce TV shows:

the script of this film is loose and open, the structure is simple and easy to understand, the philosophy of life it points to is mature and full, and the attitude towards the meaning of life is dialectical and harmonious. The character interiors and plot precursors are outlined in understated exterior designs. For example, at the beginning of the movie, when the drunk Maiwes is still asleep, there is a woman on TV with postpartum depression crying and saying, "I feel like I'm not beautiful anymore, and I have a low self-esteem with my friends." This reflects Mavis' anxiety about his aging appearance and loss of beauty. Although the person who produced in the movie is not her, this crying and vulnerable girl is her real self, and at this time, a male voice comforted her. : "Don't do this, you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, I will not allow anyone to hit you like this after you give birth".

This hints at the result of Mavis returning to his hometown to win his husband. Buddy loves his wife and children deeply. Even if his wife's appearance is far less than Mavis, he always protects his wife's self-esteem and defends My own family rejected Mavis. Buddy knows that this is the life he needs to be loyal to, and the people he needs to cherish, and Mewes has long become a passer-by in history.

When Mewes fell into a deep sleep again, a girl on the TV said arrogantly to her companion: "You are so ugly in this dress... The reason why I want to be with you is because I am going to the awards ceremony to the end. It's better to have a company...", which shows Mewes's competitive and mean personality, and her basic attitude of hostility and rejection towards all other girls who try to compare her.

Mavis returned to the town and left a message for Buddy. On the first night of eating ice cream, a woman on the TV program said, "I don't love you anymore. I love Max more than you." Foreshadowing the failure of Maiwes to take love, her old boyfriend's sweetheart has changed at this time; after a pleasant first meeting with Buddy, she is very excited about the plundering journey that is about to begin. Back at the hotel, the TV played Carpenter's "We can go back in time"... We all know how Carpenter, the famous female vocalist, died of anorexia nervosa; The actress has just started to become popular, just like Mewes, full of delusions and positive expectations about her big plans in the small town. Mewes watched TV while pulling his hair, but subconsciously, he was not aware of this aggression. full of unease.

Maiwes's friends:

Maiwes set off on a bright dawn singing, she ran to a cruel psychological examination, an old acquaintance but a cold environment, fortunately she had a partner to accompany her. The first is her pet dog Dorsey. As Mewes's personal pet, Dorsey's dog is not happy. Mewes's attitude towards it is Mewes's attitude towards herself. She loves it very much, but she takes it to unfamiliar places, throws it junk food at will, and keeps it alone on the balcony or in an unfamiliar hotel room, It wasn't until Mewes finally came to her senses that she rushed back to caress it, hugged it and wept, and took it away from the place that rejected them.

Another important partner of Mavis is Fatty Matt. Matt's high school years were a nightmare that pervaded Matt's life. Matt's storage box was next to Mewes in high school. Although he never won the "Best Hairdressing Award in the school" that Mewes often gets, as long as the years are quiet, Matt can also have his own. A mediocre and happy life, but at that time, a school beating against him for mistaking him for being gay almost destroyed his life and reputation, his sexual organs were damaged, he became a lame and incomplete, he was like wheat. A reflection of Weiss, the dark inner appearance of Mewes is Matt's ugly appearance, but Matt's heart is warm and kind. He sees through Mewes's character and opposes her plan.

High school spoiled Mewes, and she was also mutilated—first, physically, her high school debauchery made her barren; second, mentally, she never grew out of her high school joy nest. When she grew up, her simple and naive high school thinking mode and life attitude affected her happiness and psychological balance in her life. There is a very interesting phenomenon in human thinking, that is, if he has a very comfortable and happy life for a period of time, he will use all his thinking and the rest of his life to think about it, and often repeat the way of life and thinking that he has developed in this period of time. This is undoubtedly what Mavis did.

Matt is as alcoholic, lazy, and closed as she is. To be exact, both of their lives have been going downhill since their high school days. Just like what Matt said to Mewes during sex, "You may not be the most beautiful you in high school, but I was my best year in high school", Matt's experience is better than Mewes Much worse, misses the past more than her, and is stronger than her, the disaster has not destroyed Matt's body and mind, he is easy-going, friendly, has his own career and hobbies, and is a decent and conscientious person. Mewes only knows how to drink and hangover, and treat others and himself badly; and Matt knows how to appreciate rare spirits, just as he knows how to digest and place his unbearable past and pain, so as to obtain a tolerant and temperate attitude towards life. With a sober and mature personality, he contrasted Mewes's narrow selfishness and near-disordered mental state, and pointed out Mewes's hypocrisy and selfishness, degeneration and fragility.

Mewes quarrelled with Matt in the woods, went to KFC to overeat, immature people, once pointed out their fatal flaws, would double backfill themselves in more wrong and extreme ways, which further led to Plus she's wrong. She decides to go all out, desperately trying to catch Buddy. When she came to Buddy's lawn stiffly with professional make-up and a young woman's clothes on her face, we could see her nervously looking around, her body swaying out of balance. Maiwes can't control Buddy at all, the key is that she can't control herself, she is a complete defeat in the face of many townships.

The movie hinted at the fact that Matt and Mewes had sex at the end. When Mewes asked Matt's genitals in the bar, she took a beer bottle and pointed it at herself. lips.

After the fallout, she put down the shelf, shivered, put on two silicone breast pads, she asked to put on Matt's white T-shirt, and she was now another unlucky Matt.

Everyone is equal in front of life, and the years of arrogant and smooth youth ruined the years after Mavis. The queen of campus beauty pageants is no different from the fake gay ugly fat man. Matt, who is disabled and determined, can grasp it better than her. life. If she saves her daily drinking time and reflects on her life attitude bravely and sincerely, she may be able to correct herself and win a better tomorrow. But Mewes was busy daydreaming about returning to her hometown to recover the lost land, but her hometown was no longer her territory because she never worked on it.

Life has a dark and irresistible power to change everyone, and no one in this world can compete with it. It can make you embrace a thing and then trample it; it can make you king, but no dynasty lasts forever, just like no youth can last forever; it can make people cling to and let go; it can make you love The last person, then hate him, that's life.

Mavis once had his own happy times. In the student days when the worldview and values ​​were not very stable, it was easy for children to be superstitious and surrender to a powerful and beautiful thing. They have no fixed and stable values ​​and life philosophy to question or contend, and there is no so-called stand or insist. This is a stage of swaying weakness and hesitant identification that they must go through in the process of growing up. They pass blind worship and small gangs. The form of class to obtain the much-needed sense of security and belonging in adolescence, and Mavis probably took advantage of this at that time.

Later, when the classmates got married and had their own life trajectories and family responsibilities, Mewes tried to embezzle their lives, attacked their meanings, and deprived them of their way of life. People fought back mercilessly. People envy Mavis' free literary and artistic writing career in the metropolis, but they hide it, when they find out that Mavis is invading their lives, they will give Mavis a little color, we can see How Buddy's wife stimulated Mewes in a gentle and roundabout way, taught her a lesson, and made her see the truth - something no longer belongs to her. Maiwes burst into tears, resistance and infidelity she had never experienced before, she had been together for four years and then let her aborted boyfriend hide from her and almost forgot about them; people were blatantly hostile and distant towards her . The brilliance of high school is like a dream, fleeting. After that, everyone changed, and real life shook her awake.

The lesson that Mewes learned was to never reflect on your own life by destroying the lives of others. Everyone's life has its own value and meaning as he perceives it. The sign of a person's true maturity is that you no longer need to compare yourself with others and rely on the outside world to affirm yourself, but have independent thinking to carry out your own life; and the most effective way to destroy yourself is undoubtedly through your desire to damage others all the time. hand of life. An important issue in a person's life is to deal with the relationship between the heart and the outside world. The most fundamental premise of balance is to first cultivate the focus of self-independence.

The chaotic and anxious Mavis is worthy of sympathy. To be fair, she is a diligent and dedicated writer. She has seized every opportunity to pry at other people's corners or drink alcohol, and use BlackBerry phones and laptops to carry out all-round creations. She has written hearsay and self-experience into the novel, which may be the gift given to her by this bad trip back to her hometown: a superficial love history that is more qualitative than the high school girls competing for strength and jealousy, about the real growth experience The mature story, this is the only thing in the whole movie that she is down-to-earth and willing to complete with sincerity. Life always loses when you gain, and gains when you lose. This is the two sides of life. Mewes's final harvest, like a big donut she grabbed from the counter and stuffed into her mouth when she was checking out at a hotel, was a little sweetness at the end of this bitter journey. Like the heroine in the novel, Mewes finally became calm, waved goodbye to the past, and started a new life.

Maeves' triumphant teenage years are long over, her tragic era is over, and what follows, I believe, is hers—the age of independence. (Signature: Dang Afei, published in "Watching Movies" magazine, please indicate the author's name for reprinting, offenders will be prosecuted)

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