Looking through the shadow there’s a light called love

Beth 2022-09-30 20:04:32

Acting: AA is the actor I never fell in love with, but this show has conquered me. Of course, my mother, stepfather, and sister's acting skills are also online.

Story: Mr. Gao Xiaosong calls this the theme of a desperate town. I think that ethics or customs are closer to my feelings. Like this type of deeply influenced and then trying to resist, itself is full of conflict.

Music: Most are psychedelic and hopeless, great love.

Shooting: The way the flashbacks caught me, and the occasional big interlude also added to the tension of the story. I didn’t want to miss every detail and then watch a lot of clips over and over again.

On the whole, it is very enjoyable to finish this drama in one breath, and I don't feel that the pace is slow. It is precisely because of the space of 8 episodes that we can pave the way for all the atmosphere. Also desperate, perfect.

Talk about your feelings. As a person who is considered to be positive and sunny, why do you feel five-star when watching such a scarred funeral drama? Because if you look at it, everyone will not really get out of the influence of the original family, and if you look closely, you will find that these stubborn family influences are also a force spawned by the small village/town where he lives, in short, the small environment Pushing, especially the parts of it that you think are evil. On a young age, the influence of mothers on the mental health of their children is especially important, because they are also more accessible to your heart, and when you are not guarding her (and you certainly were not guarding your nursing mother when you were young) she Your good and bad will be very naturally projected into your future treatment of the world, until one day you wake up. At this time, there are two paths in front of you: obey the influence of your original family, and continue to bring pain to the world with your pain, or you can resist those bad influences with the awareness brought by your own understanding of the world, and be stubborn but smart. to survive. Of course, jumping back and forth on two roads, living in pain and twisting. And these insights are difficult for me to capture from other subjects. Others who talk about primary injury often give more conclusions, and force you to understand or admit your empathy, and will not give you such a space for you to compare your own life seriously.

Murder is only a result that is easier to judge whether it is good or bad as a literature or film and television work. In reality, the bad original influence will not pull out the teeth, but it will pull out your resistance spirit as an independent individual little by little, and slowly kill it. you.

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