like the clip style

Emmie 2022-10-31 04:37:56

The plot may be more popular, but I really admire the editing method of this show. The memories of each heroine are cut into the play with quiet editing, which brings a great sense of doubt and curiosity to the viewers. Anyway, I think this is It is the drama with the best editing technique I have ever seen, and I will catch up. I believe the ending will not disappoint me. There is also a whole slightly depressing color scheme, but most American dramas except comedies seem to have such a color tone. It is also worth mentioning that the music played on the hostess' car is all the music that I liked because of the addicts I met before. Of course, BGM is the most important thing in a drama, but when the hostess's car rang, I forgot to pick up the phone to listen to it. The song knows the song, not because it doesn't sound good, but I think it's suitable to listen to her car only when I'm watching it.

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