After reading the sharp tool, I feel

Tyrel 2022-12-16 05:01:31

The heroine has always been immersed in the fear of her sister's death because of herself, and she can't get out of this shadow amid self-blame. She just walked out of the psychiatric hospital and accepted the task of her father-like boss to go to her hometown and return to the most feared place to find the truth about the girl's murder.

The director uses her familiar flashback performance to reveal the tragic childhood of the heroine to the audience. With a lot of footage showing the depression of the heroine's family life, a lot of contradictions broke out at the end, which is suffocating.

The detail I paid most attention to was that his stepfather loved listening to music with headphones. It may be that his stepfather is greedy for the property of the heroine's mother, and because of his perversion, he can only temporarily isolate himself from this perverted family by listening to music.

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