Sick love, sick people, sick society. . .

Dasia 2022-12-04 17:17:19

I still remember that at the beginning, God wanted to make Adam, "Hold on a horse and send him a ride", as a "Holy Son". As a result, a large number of angels betrayed.

I would rather be king in hell than slave in heaven.


I still remember that the sons of Taiwanese actresses Di Ying and Sun Peng caused trouble. I heard that when Di Ying's son, Sun Anzuo, was 11 years old, he still slept with his mother. He had to hold Di Ying's chest every day to fall asleep. Son Anzuo also said good Q, which almost made people speechless and dumbfounded.


I still remember that "Liu Siqi" in "The 16-year-old girl" and "The Metamorphosis", but still can't "eat and dress yourself". . .


no doubt. "Love," of course, "The Great."

However, having reached the "perverted level of love", it can no longer be "related" to "greatness", the word.


I still remember that I watched another American drama, "Criminal Minds". There is such a scene.

Psychological agents have said————The perverted serial killer, whose family is "full of violence, sadness, and misfortune" (to the effect, of course, I can't remember the original text)

So, obviously, "Parents are children's first mentors and the best teachers". This sentence, it seems "more important".


Children are like a blank sheet of paper. As a parent, what do you want to leave on this blank sheet of paper is worthy of our reflection.

By the way - I really hate "All Kinds of Bears".

Because, if it doesn't work, the current "Bear Child" will become the "Perverted Serial Killer" in the future. . .

It is a pity that in modern society, this kind of "Bear Parent/Bear Child" presents "Blowout Development".

Feeling helpless. I am deeply disturbed.


Basically so much. knock off! ~~~

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