The Sinful Landscape of a Small Town in the South——A Long Commentary Written by Chance

Cleve 2022-12-05 14:27:53

It took me a long time to write a review. Since I haven’t read the original, I don’t judge the quality of it as an adaptation, but just from the look and feel of this TV series, this is a suspenseful story that doesn’t take fast food and is getting better and better. , although full of sensual elements such as sexual assault and murder, it aims to express the stagnant, conservative and decadent atmosphere of small towns in the American South, as well as the terrible consequences of women's morbid pursuit of love and power. These are actually caused by the deformed interpersonal relationships spawned by a distorted and backward society. They seem to be innate reasoning, and the theme is quite social. In addition, the soothing narrative style of the play is also a major feature. The psychedelic atmosphere full of fishy taste makes the boundary between reality and illusion blurred from time to time, and the occasional mixed cuts also enhance the suspenseful effect. However, the most commendable highlight of the show is undoubtedly the heroine, a decadent female reporter Camille who can be called an anti-hero (however, in the original work, her psychology is almost a green tea bitch), Amy is rebellious and docile, vulnerable and persevering. The co-existing characters are very charming, and they are the most beautiful scenery in the play. In general, this is not a qualified reasoning drama, but a unique and rare social crime drama.

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