Original family

Brady 2022-11-04 01:23:54

People have many choices to decide their own way of life. They are greatly influenced by their original family. Like amma, they may be more influenced by their mothers, and they may be more thoughtful and ruthless. They may also become kind in order to get rid of this influence. Camille. The luckiest thing for amma is that when Camille was able to take care of her, she escaped from her mother, but under the influence of her mother, she embarked on an even more irreversible road. so…

Aidola recalled her mother, who seemed to have the same mental illness, so...

If we can't escape the environment of our original family, we can't have the courage to leave the town like Camille, and we are lucky to meet Corey and Irene, then the victim turns into an abuser, constantly pretending to be himself, to cater to public,,,,

It can only be said that what kind of person you become is really important to the family of origin

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