The mother-daughter relationship is a fascinating eternal proposition

Delphine 2022-12-19 02:38:35

A fascinating discussion of mother-daughter relationships - mothers, daughters, intimacy, women, reproduction, sex, power, love.

Adora's morbid love for her child stems from her mother's hysteria as a child, tormenting her for loving her. So she wants to be a good mother, a mother who takes care of her children meticulously. Adora and her husband both mentioned her mother in the play, making Camille considerate Adora, saying that Adora tried her best to be a considerate mother.

Adora, on the other hand, became obsessed with being a good and responsible mother by making her child sick and showing her pathological appearance differently from her mother. In the episode, when Camille tries to reconcile with Adora, there is a scene where Adora apologizes to Camille, saying that I didn't love you at all because you are cold inside and don't need love from others. And in the last episode, Adora said to Camille when she was taking medicine and couldn't move, you are the most like my daughter. Then kept saying that Camille needed her care to show her love.

Compared to Camiile who thought he could reconcile with his mother every time, but always had no solution and ended in separation; the relationship between his sister and his mother is more complicated. The younger sister knew that her mother was controlling herself, but she still couldn't control her desire for her mother's love. Said that she didn't want to be a child forever, and hurriedly crawled back to bed to be a good child when her mother pretended to be angry; she broke her promise when her sister asked her to call the police to save her, citing that I was still a good mother; When my sister found out, she only said one sentence: Don't tell mother. Being controlled and hurt mixed into the feeling of being loved by my sister. It made her moody, cruel, and cunning, but she always looked pitiful and lovely because she longed to be loved and demanded.

Adora's three children have different personalities, and each has a different way of getting along with his mother, but the three children are invariably tragic. Does this stem from Adora's morbid love, and it's not just because of Adora, all motherhood contains some kind of morbidity more or less, saving each other or being pushed into the quagmire of each other, this kind of complexity, mother and child can't, father and daughter No, it must be the mother and daughter, the closely connected umbilical cord that connects from the uterus to a deeper place, from menarche to orgasm, the same blood supply to the same reproductive destiny.

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