my mom doesn't love me

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Produced by HBO, yes, HBO that claims to be "This is not an A movie, this is HBO".

Starring Amy Adams, the protagonist of "Arrival" and "Nocturnal Animals", Spider-Man's little girlfriend, has won the hearts of many fans.

The script is also very good. This play is adapted from another novel by Gillian Flynn, the author of "Gone Girl". When you mention the movie "Gone Girl", do you recall the fear of being dominated by the heroine of this film? feel?

Then welcome to the world of "Sharp Tools", once again into a zone shrouded in fear.


This is how I felt after watching the first two episodes, but the more I watched, the less I realized that it was not a routine suspense movie, but more like an adult woman who peeled off her perfect disguise and tried to reconcile with her scarred self. process.

Camille, a journalist, was an alcoholic and also had masochistic tendencies.

Because of an order from the editor-in-chief of the newspaper, he had to go back to his hometown of Fengkou Town, where he finally escaped, to track and report a case of a missing girl.

On the first night back home, instead of going home, I chose to stay in a motel in the town.

It was the next morning after sobering up from the alcohol, and Camille packed up and went out to find some material for the report. She has been in Fengkou Town for more than ten years. In this town of less than 2,000 people, she knows who to look for to get what she wants.

However, she did not choose to meet her mother.

Until night fell, she looked reluctantly, dragging a large suitcase and knocking on her door.

Sure enough, what awaited her was not a warm surprise from her mother, but a distant greeting.

Not the rightful question, "Are you going home to sleep tonight?" but, "Where are you staying?"

In the face of the appearance of her daughter, in the mother's eyes, it is like a friend who has not been in touch for a long time suddenly appeared at the door of her own house, which makes people feel very troublesome.

There are two parallel lines in this play, one is Camille's investigation of the missing girl's case, and the other is to reproduce the true state of himself, his mother, and even the entire Fengkou Town through Camille's tracing of his past memories.

As described on the poster, the bright and beautiful appearance is just because of wearing a perfect mask, and under the mask is the scarred self.

No matter which main line, it is carried out with the conflict in Camille's own heart. When his former room was decorated as a guest room, he couldn't see the expression on Camille's face.

But when Camille's sister Emma appeared and took her to see the room of her deceased sister Marianne, the audience's heart was greatly stimulated. Marianne's room was still at the moment of her death. The layout and arrangement of the room were still like the inner world of a teenage girl, with a small bed, and the clothes worn by teenage girls were still placed on the bed. on.

I think Camille must be thinking, "Why am I not the one who died?"

Originally, my mother was very partial to Marianne.

Marianne is like an angel to her mother. Even if they go to her mother at the same time, she must only see her in her eyes, gently and gently pull her into her arms, and then enter the room together. This is Mary. Ann's bedtime story time.

And Camille could only watch her mother enter the room with her sister around her, and she was locked out of the room.

Camille does everything wrong.

As a child, she was the one who didn't love her.

After her sister died, she was the one who was perverse, rebellious, and disobedient.

However, her mother also knew that not all the faults were caused by Camille. But if it wasn't her, who would it be? alone? How can it be! She is a competent mother, so it must be Camille's fault, it was her fault that she did not raise her into a "good" child.

Is it my own fault for not being able to love Camille?

No, no, Mom thinks, it's Camille's own fault. She was born with no way of loving.

After every confrontation with her mother, Camille would break out, either by guzzling drinking until she got drunk and letting the day go by, or by covering her mouth with her clothes, shouting loudly, or even, Use a needle to prick your skin inch by inch.

Camille was also very sad. Her sister died, she was sad, but her mother was immersed in her own world and refused to share this sadness with others.

So Camille grew up alone, and when he was sad, he would drink, put the wine in a mineral water bottle, and drink it unscrupulously. She felt that she would never be able to have a close relationship with others in her life.

But she was wrong. In a rescue station, she met Alice who also had self-abuse problems.

Alice said that she has a way to escape the world, and that is to plug in the headphones and escape the world together. However, one day, when Camille went to borrow a mobile phone for Alice to listen to the song from the medical staff, she came back, only to find that Alice cut her wrists and committed suicide.

Camille's singles have been looping all the time, and it's the songs that Alice brought her. The short and beautiful encounter made her feel the warmth between people, and it became a lifetime of pain.

There are all kinds of parents in the world, some are learning how to be a mother, some are born knowing how to be a mother, and some think they are qualified mothers, but the truth is that not all mothers, They all love their children.

People can't choose their parents, but they can choose how they treat their parents, and they can choose how they want their parents to treat themselves.

Alice is like a broken person sewn together by needles and threads. As the plot continues to advance, it is difficult to say what kind of changes she will have and what kind of past will be stripped out, but I hope she can accept that she is not loved by her mother. The fact that he is saddled with the fact that he is not loved by his mother, does not bravely continue to live.

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