Passing on the imprint of the family of origin

Amy 2022-08-20 21:07:34

From the heroine's grandmother to the mother, from the mother to several daughters, the morbid parenting style is passed down from generation to generation. Although it may be in different ways, it hurts everyone. The heroine's mother loves her daughter in such a hurtful way. She feels that she is protecting her daughter. Her own experience and distorted cognition cannot make her realize that this method is perverted. She even feels that she is better than her. Mom is much better. A person's family of origin has too much influence on oneself, usually imperceptibly, until a fixed thinking pattern is formed. Emma gets all the attention and attention of her nurturer by killing her, and she doesn't want to share her love with anyone, so she becomes jealous and perverted easily. In her eyes, killing people is not an unjust thing, it's just removing an obstacle, and she can't have empathy to feel others. What's wrong with all this? in her grandma? Or her grandma's mother? ? ? How can we get rid of the negative influence of family, it is difficult. . Because that habit is so deeply ingrained in us that only a certain way can make us feel comfortable. For example, indifference to relatives, not wanting to be close, not wanting to care. Sometimes our fixed way of thinking has limited our cognition. For example, I feel insecure and can't believe the love of others for me. Neutral words sometimes seem to me to be thorny and hurt me, often in exchange for "too much drama" from my boyfriend. Maybe, but also learning to be strong, independent, rational. Don't let primitive impulses control your life~

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Extended Reading
  • Randi 2022-05-26 20:32:38

    Meng Qiaosen and the agent Meng Qiaosen's syndrome is too scary, I didn't expect that the one who is more distorted than my mother is really my sister. Our AA is so beautiful and the acting is so good! The limited drama is the best, and the story is clearly told without being stuck.

  • Fabian 2022-05-26 23:22:48

    The Clown Heroine and the Town丨The flashback overlaps with the scene丨Guess that the whole town is in order to maintain Ning He and cover up the death of the alien丨It is a perfect relationship, but still has no courage to accept the scars and defects of the other party's core丨Sick control and dependence , conscious resistance and unconscious replication of behavior patterns. This piece should be called Hereditary Doom.

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  • Amma Crellin: Don't tell Momma