Ask your heart, who killed whom?

Freddy 2022-11-06 00:09:53

What you have done, you will say should be forgiven. What you haven't done, you'll say it's fake. There is no such thing as real. (Or better, I'm just a bystander, I'm neutral, that's what I'd say), you've been hurt, what happened to you, and you'd say unforgivable.
The above is what I, narrow-minded, paranoid, straightforward, rash, and untrustworthy, came to my mind after reading the diagrams and thinking of some other horror and non-horrifying movie viewpoints.
For example, the magnifying glass burns the ants, and the person who does it will not feel that he is a damn beast. I've done it too, and the most I can say is I'm sorry ants, I won't do it again. Only when it's unnecessary, and I'm sincerely sorry. (However, it is difficult to detect whether it is true or false. People don’t even believe in poisonous oaths, and there are sufficient reasons.) Therefore, if some people say that ants are inferior living beings, I would not dare to refute them. The enemy is still dangerous, I don't agree with it but I don't speak.
If someone says that it was wrong to torture ants back then, children don't know what happened and can't blame them. I don't think she wants to apologize either, and I don't agree with how children are, how ignorant, parents? I disagree but don't speak. (Looks quite useless.)
Some people say, I really think about it, I feel sorry, maybe children have this experience, I will not do this when I grow up, I feel that I should be sorry, hurt for no reason, Neither can anyone. So when you grow up, try not to hurt others, other animals. I would think, well said, but who knows if it's true or not. But I agree with the words. (No way, people are always suspicious. Others can also doubt me.)
People think murderers are horrible, hateful, and hateful and should be sentenced to death because most people have never killed anyone, and they feel that others bully them, and they are not killed. For my own sake, I did not bully others, and others killed me for my sake.
But if the indifference should be sentenced to death, most people are not happy, because most people will always be indifferent.
But if it is said that someone else's tooth decayed because they were given candy to eat, they should have two teeth pulled out as compensation for the candy you gave. People won't agree, 1. The sugar is given for friendliness, not intentional harm. 2. If it is intentional to harm others, this kind of person is very shrewd and will naturally not admit it.
Having said all that, what does it have to do with movies?
Look at the surface, don't trust a little girl easily, wait, that means don't talk when you see a human trafficker? If you see rape, don't call the police. If you see child abuse, "A Massacre in America's Beautiful Countryside" has a reason. Those villagers and pastors. Mind your own business.
Looking at the doorway, I don’t know, right? In the face of your own demons, don’t be afraid even if you encounter a demon. Anyway, it’s death. Does it work?

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