Should we be compassionate towards the devil?

Rosario 2022-09-26 13:37:26

In the whole movie, except for some of the heroines at the beginning who have a little pity for this devil (when the truth is unknown), the rest are all kinds of fears about this devil. There is no subject showing mercy to this devil in the entire movie. Although he is very hateful, he has done a lot of wrong and bad things. hurt a lot of people. However, the solutions that can appear in the movie do not seem to be the ultimate, and people will still feel a little sad after watching it. In addition, since they are all ghosts, will they be numbed by sleeping pills? Still afraid of fire? Still drowned? Aren't these all effective means for people? It's not scientific.
In fact, sometimes I think that maybe this devil also has his own trauma, so he has been tracking the person who can give her love. And longing to be able to monopolize this love completely in a child's way. It fully shows that this ghost lacks love. It's just misunderstanding that leads him to take the wrong methods and means to get what he desires. There is no love for no reason in the world and no hate for no reason.
Only with compassion can this demon full of resentment be completely resolved. Reminds me of a sentence said by the vicious ghost king in the Ksitigarbha Sutra: "Of course it is the karma that causes my family to travel around the world, with more evil and less good." What the devil doesn't want, is just karma (behavioral habits, or actions that result from wrong perceptions).
Only by slowly penetrating into the devil's mind can we find the source of his thoughts and solve the problem of the devil fundamentally. It does not happen overnight that a person (the devil) becomes what he is today. Just like Doug is afraid of wasps. I don't know what this devil has experienced before?
Of course, in the process of finding the source of his thoughts, the means can be varied in many ways. Just like the Thousand-Armed Avalokitesvara, the heart in the middle remains the same—to save the devil, but there are as many means as the Thousand-Armed Avalokitesvara's hands.
Perhaps this is the only way to truly transform this ghost, rather than kill it.
If you think about it this way, you can really feel better.

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