"Sharp Weapon" | The murderer begins to count down, who is playing hide-and-seek with memories

Marjolaine 2022-12-08 02:29:08

HBO's latest series "Sharp Weapon" tells the story of reporter Camille's return to her hometown to investigate the murder of a teenage girl, and the town seems to have more than mysteries waiting for her. The show has more than half of the episodes since its launch. Will the rave reviews in the early stage be reduced to highs and lows, and can the director continue the excitement of "Big Little Lies"?

In the first four episodes, the perspective continues to pave the way, and the clues are bowed, and it is unclear whether it is a trick or a fact. Accustomed to the ups and downs of mainstream dramas, the audience could not help but feel tired and silently expect the climax to erupt. The suspects are in their own camps, and the old and new police officers face each other.

Camille's experience in the mental hospital was first described in front of the camera. Alice, who was suffering from the same illness, ended up miserably. To Camille, she seemed to be the second Marian, and she had to face Camille, whose young life withered. How will the case be judged? If the director's shots in the first half are still a little restrained, then in the fifth episode released this week, he tried to explain the details with a conflict wrapped in festivals. The turbulent celebration turned into a murderous hunting ground. The effect can be described as extraordinary.


At the beginning of the fifth episode, a blockbuster was dropped, revolving around Camille's first report. After the article was released, it caused a thousand waves and brought considerable exposure to the newspaper. The editor-in-chief hopes to pursue the victory, and Camille seems to be unable to bear the weight of the backlash. Rumors are pervasive, attracting more beasts with burning eyes. For them, murder is an antidote to do nothing, indicating that the next investigation will be full of obstacles.

As the case was thrown into the spotlight, more and more spectators showed their true colors. The camera used an overlapping form here, and the character's image was ready to emerge in a few words: the bullying man has now become a small town teacher, trying to get through with the card Mill apologized in the way of reminiscing; the former cheerleader led the team to pressure by invitation, and seemed to have a different kind of concern for the teacher.


Camille's heavy clothes had the same scar as the slogan was shocking. Before the celebration, Aldora asked her to put on the suspender skirt. Emma was fearless, fanning the flames, pressing step by step. Camille couldn't help but burst out, and Emma The apology seems sincere, such a sinister disguise seems to be more than once, and will she be the next prey?

Before the performance, Emma took the pills and was in a trance. At the end, she collapsed and ran into the forest. The forest has always been a forbidden place for memories. Only Camille knows the source of the tragedy. The perspective is constantly pursued here, and Camille is always facing collapse. After finding her sister, Odora seems to have softened her attitude towards her, and the seemingly heart-to-heart talk at the end of the episode actually goes straight to the heart, as if her mother's indifference is justifiable. Will Camille be willing to drop everything to complete the sacrifice of himself?


Celebrations are social occasions, Camille is not afraid to show timidity, but everyone is willing to take risks for self-satisfaction. Since then, the camera is aimed at the main character from the opponent's shoulder, capturing the subtle twitches of expressions between words. The seemingly casual conversation is actually a cold arrow. The real weapon is precisely the language.

More than half of the show, the performance on the stage made many audiences unhappy, and the crowd floated undercurrents. The lens constantly detours, rendering attention through a bottom-up approach. The sheriff seemed to have ulterior motives for Odora, while Camille played with the new detective in a mutual use mentality. The tragically killed girl Natalie's father, Bob, was closely watched by the police detective, and the brother of the other killed girl, John, was the object of suspicion by the sheriff.

Camille does not belong to Fengkou Town, not to this family, nor to herself. For her, returning is a self-inflicted trap rather than a redemption. She is well aware that this return journey is not easy, and when will the backtracking of one and the other come to an end? Compared with "Big Little Lies", "Sharp Weapon" is more sophisticated in the presentation of story clues and perspectives, and has less subjectivity of a lot of worldly sophistication, and murder is very likely to be upgraded to a serial murder case, adding a touch of mystery to the atmosphere, as if it can Smell the rot of human nature, I believe that there will be more climaxes waiting for us in the next story.

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