Keagan 2022-04-19 09:01:55

The purple movie really surprised me a lot, especially when Sophia was knocked down, the skirt was lifted, and there was no dignity, and the white people surrounded her, as if she was a lamb to be slaughtered, and the purple The flowerbed echoes before and after. And when Netti was teaching Celie spelling, he learned sky, and suddenly there was a vicious Albert, which was quite ironic. However, there are two narrators in the original book, but the film observes the surroundings from the perspective of celie. I have to admit that the lines are often loyal to the original book, retaining the grammatical errors used by Alice walker. In terms of plot, many plots are too obscure. Although there is a little mention of shug and celie's exploration and awakening of sex in the film, Shug's guidance in celie's cognition of sex is not just words! Pierberg filmed the ambiguity between the two in the 1980s, which would probably scare away a group of viewers?) Celie's infatuation with Shug was also quite subtle, and in the end, celie and albert didn't get together to talk and have a good time with albert The spiritual awakening, I am still a little disappointed.

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  • Johnathon 2021-12-11 08:01:18

    The ten Oscar nominations are all on the street. Spielberg’s films about human nature will never appear at all. The words such as subtle and fascinating will not appear at all. There are occasional black humorous scenes in the first half, and the later will be quite satisfactory. The most powerful woman is Albert's daughter-in-law

  • Liliane 2022-03-26 09:01:05

    I thought it was a textbook on Spielberg's film language. [The story is really touching, and the shaving part is really exciting. 】

The Color Purple quotes

  • Celie: [to Albert] Till you do right by me, everything you even think about gonna' fail.

  • Celie: The more things change, the more they stay the same.