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1. Silly's name sounds the same as "silly"

2. Verbal violence can affect a person for a long time

Stepfather's mockery of Celie

At her stepfather's house, because of her stepfather's words - "Ciri, you have the ugliest smile in the world", Celie never dared to grin, and she always covered her mouth subconsciously when she smiled. With the encouragement of Grid, he grinned again

3. In the eyes of her stepfather and Albert, Celie is more of a commodity than a person

stepfather makes celie turn around

Celie is like a commodity, to be exchanged and used. Albert came to beg Neti, but his stepfather, because he also coveted Neti, was reluctant to take action, so he "sold" Celie with "you can do whatever you want", and asked Celie to turn around to show off her figure.

Albert said he needed a wife, but all he needed was a servant who could take care of the bear children, clean the house, and give him a tool to vent his emotions and sexual desires. This reminds me of women's trafficking in China, using women as reproductive tools, just to inherit the lineage, and the plot of "Blind Mountain" is still being staged.

4. The metaphor of the cow in the film

cow at stepfather's house

dowry cow in the past tense

Like this cow, Xilie is thin and hardworking. For Xilie, getting married is just another place to be a cow and a horse.

4. She lived together for seven or eight years before she knew what her husband was called

Sealy has always called her so-called husband by her husband, and after living together for seven or eight years, she learned from her husband's lover that his name is Albert, which actually shows that Sealy has no wedding (if there is a wedding, she will take an oath). will mention the person’s name)

5. Celie's love was given by Xiug

The relationship between Celie and Albert is like the relationship between slave and master, or the relationship between servant and master. And in Xiu Ge, I saw the love of Xi Li.

Before Xiuge came, Xilie's impression of her remained in the photo. From the eyes she looked at the photo, it was not jealousy as a wife, but a kind of admiration and obsession. When she learned that Xiuge was coming soon, There is also a sense of expectation

On the night that Xiu Ge suddenly came to visit, she was as helpless as a little girl who was about to meet the person she admired but was not dressed up.

Make a hearty breakfast for a hungry Xiug

Comb your hair and hum a song to comfort the crying and melancholy Xiuge

Will take revenge in her own way for detractors of Suge, spitting her own saliva into his water glass (like defending her partner)

When Xiug sang for Celie

When Xiu Ge composed a song for Xi Li and played it for her, Xi Li's eyes were full of tears, and the emotion was like when a boy confessed to a girl. proud

Xiug's first words when he was drunk

It's like turning over old accounts between young lovers

Celie's shy trifecta

I saw the shy little girl taste the sweetness of love for the first time when Xiug kissed Celie

After many years, Xiuge came back again and hurriedly went out to greet him. After learning that Xiuge was married, he became unhappy.

6. Stepfather's remarriage

At that time, the heroine was only 14 years old, and the girl whose stepfather remarried was about the same age as the heroine. This is another "wife business", right?

7. Sealy's ignorance of resistance and submission prolongs the time of domestic violence

She was slapped in the face when she was combing the child's hair, and she just replied "No way, she will hurt", and she has lived under Albert's fist since then. After a long time, he forgot to resist, and even taught his stepson Harbo to make Sophia submit in the same way.

Sophia, in stark contrast to Celie, will fight back against Harpo, and will choose to leave when she can't stand it, instead of choosing to endure like Celie.

8. If Celie and Albert had children

Celie is a kind and simple person. If she and Albert have children, she may not be able to leave freely.

9. Looking good can get more resources

In a society where women's social status is low and chauvinism prevails, women's beauty is used as a criterion for judging by men. Sealy's kindness and hard work are not in their eyes, and high-value women will get more resources because of this. For example, as sisters, Neti has the opportunity to go to school; Xiu Ge has been sought after by Albert for many years, and some people are sick. Take good care of.

10. Don't underestimate the labor value of housewives

Celie's first day at Albert's house

Celie after cleaning

After Celie left

to be continued

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The Color Purple quotes

  • Celie: [to Albert] Till you do right by me, everything you even think about gonna' fail.

  • Celie: The more things change, the more they stay the same.