Being a woman is hard, being a black woman is even harder

Lacey 2022-04-21 09:02:08

"Purple" is a film of the same name based on Alice Walker's "color of purple" novel, set in the black movement of the 1990s.

I chose this movie to watch because of "every day use for grandmama" (Gao Ying's text). I didn't know Alice's intention to write that novel after reading English for a long time. What's so good about the daily broken quilt? Now that you have been assimilated to prepare another new life, you should put aside everything in the past, right? Dee also remembers traces of ancestors? Is this also a memorial to forget? maybe. However, the reference book says that Alice believes that the loyalty and integration of traditional culture lies not in the display, but in the real exercise of her simple and pure thinking and way of life. It's a bit clear to explain in this way, after all, life is not an antique, just relying on reference books, it's not a bright and really big way. Since Alice's writing is so incomprehensible, you should read her famous book---the color of purple, to see if it is equally esoteric and elusive. It is said that this novel won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction!

The film (the novel) is about the lives of black women in the early 1990s. After watching it, you can realize that being a woman is harder and being a black woman is harder, or that she is thin and ugly. This is the protagonist of the novel. The 150-minute film revolves around With her tortuous life, she was brought back as a wife, beaten and abused by her husband, and finally succeeded in fighting for her freedom. Among them, her sister, the independent singer, and her son's ex-wife Sophier are all beacon-like figures who enlighten and influence. With her, she left the man who married her as a servant, and finally met her sister and her son and daughter in the purple flowers in front of the door. A great film about the lives of black women. But definitely won't watch it again.

It's hard to be a woman, and it's even harder to be a black woman. They have to be looked down upon not only by white people, but also by black men. What should we do? FIGHT!!!!ALL HER LIFE IS TO FIGHT ,FIGHT FOR LIVING , FIGHT FOR FREEDOM & POWER!

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