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Kiley 2022-04-23 07:02:06

In terms of personal likes and dislikes of colors, I have never liked purple very much, because intuitively I feel that she represents melancholy and dullness. Although it also represents mystery, another meaning of mystery refers to different degrees of perversion. For example, homosexuality and mental illness are usually represented by purple. Like those bright, warm or show-off colors, such as light yellow, pure white, grass green, bright red, pink blue. . . . . . It is more in line with some of my thoughts of avoiding the world. I don’t want to see a reality that is too cruel or out of common sense. Even if I encounter it, I will pretend not to see it, carefully avoid it, and take a detour.
By the way, it is actually a kind of cowardice, cowardice disguised with clarity.
And this film transforms purple into an upward meaning, that is, kindness, bravery, perseverance and resistance. Blacks have purple-black skin in pre-Civil War America. This purple-black has become a sign of their identity.
But, to be honest, I didn't particularly like this movie, I was just shocked - incest, domestic violence, racism and disputes. . . . . Director Spielberg has always been a shocker in controversy. The protagonist Xili is a hard-working woman who is called by her father "with the ugliest smile in the world", so that she never dares to smile in the days to come. Not only that, she was ravaged by her own father at home, gave birth to two children for her father and was sold to others by him, and was beaten almost every day after marrying a savage husband, carefully handling everything, her only relative - her own. The younger sister, Nati, was kicked out by her savage husband, and she could never see each other for almost her entire life. Before that, the only happy image of Heineken was probably the scene of chasing each other and laughing and clapping with Nati in the field full of purple flowers.
All this is doomed that the heroine Xili's life will be spent in this pain. But God would not watch such a kind woman suffer, so she sent Shager and Sofia. Sofia, daughter-in-law of Xi Li's husband Albert, a feminist who is unwilling to be oppressed by husband's rights, husband's rights and racial discrimination, has been resisting all her life, resisting her family, her husband, and being enslaved by white people. Bravely. Saying no, in exchange for decades of prison, the spirit of resistance was temporarily extinguished, but it had a huge impact on Xili. Xia Ge, a coquettish singer who was rejected by the world, was rejected by her father and was expelled from the house, but because of Heineken's husband Albert's infatuation, she lived in Xi Li's house. Heineken's kindness and diligence moved Xia Ge, she began to inspire Xi Li's self-awareness, and finally helped Xi Li get out of the shackles of herself and the surrounding patriarchal power, get out of the place that confused him, and go outside to see, In the end, you control your own destiny. At the same time, she also used her kindness to save Sofia, who was tortured in prison and lost her spirit of resistance.
In the end, of course, it was a happy ending. Xili's only relative, her sister Natty, came back, and she also brought her own children and daughter-in-law whom Xili thought she would never see in her life. The whole family was still full of purple flowers. The wilderness, hugged tightly in the golden sunset afterglow, wept with joy. The director finally couldn't bear to give us a too cruel ending, no matter what, hope is inevitable.
Of course, there is one more point to mention. In the end, the director finally confessed that Xi Li's cruel and natural father turned out to be his stepfather. Thank God, the great family relationship was not all vilified.
Purple has also begun to become the color of the brave in my impression, persevering, fighting forever, and being kind.

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  • Cheyenne 2021-12-11 08:01:18

    They have experienced inhuman treatment and experienced changes in personnel. Everything seems to have been written by fate and cannot be changed. However, there is still a long way to go in life. Neti tells Celie that only death can separate us. Faith is the only thing that can support each other's survival. Destiny is already full of injustice. We can only face it bravely and firmly control our destiny in our own hands in the baptism of relentless years.

  • Mavis 2021-12-11 08:01:18

    I have heard about the name of the original novel for a long time, but I haven't read it. The movie adapted by Spielberg is great!

The Color Purple quotes

  • Sofia: Now you want a dead son-in-law, Mrs. Celie? You just keep on advising him like you doing.

  • Celie: Shug like honey. And now, I's just like a bee.