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Westley 2022-04-23 07:02:06

It seems to have encountered the legendary blues. There is such a ruthless and happy gene (?) in the roots of black people, which weakens the heaviness of the film to a certain extent, and even the brutality of her husband's character, so we feel that the development of the plot and the emotions of the characters are inconsistent. But there is no denying that the film is good overall.
And then, I would say Sofia is a woman who can "grow strong" before she gets stuck (very rare). Before she gathers to fight (violently), or loses her mind, she only cares not to let her children see it. She was imprisoned for this, and she came out with slapped eyes, gray hair, staggering steps, and no dignity or pride. Her showing of weakness has a very secret relationship with her identity as a mother. (I don't think she's afraid of death.)
In comparison, Netty's "ugly" and blind obedience and diligence have a very pure and clean beauty. Xiuge said that you are beautiful, which is very true. (That scene was unparalleled.) In
the end, the growth of women is really a very painful process. Black people are, and so are we.

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