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All beings, any "I think" is a prejudice, there is no right or wrong, and the values ​​inherent in each person are just one of many values! So I can only talk about my prejudice, but try to be more objective!
"Purple" is simply all-encompassing and huge, each character can lead to a piece of history, more than a thousand words can describe!
Why is it called purple? Perhaps purple is the color that is closest to black from black to white, which also shows the embarrassing position of black Americans (Africa is pure black, and America is pure white)
. The overwhelmed statement of incest has already established the depth of this film. It is not normal to say incest from the mouth of a child. Xi Li is innocent and pitiful, but Xi Li's stepfather, isn't her husband pitiful? They are all people who have been imposed on concepts, and they are all copies of the previous generation. From Xi Li's husband's father, to Xi Li's husband, to Harpo, they are perfect copies of each generation. There is nothing wrong with human nature, but what is wrong is that human nature has not been obtained. There are many reasons for freedom to play, maybe it is the era, maybe it is the inheritance of history, everyone in it is sad, white people despise black people, black men do not respect black women, etc., everything they do is It is the inheritance of history, they have not thought about why this is so? It's just a habit of accepting the experience of the older generation. Against this background, Sofia and Xia Ge's resistance seems so powerless. This is the helplessness of Sofia who finally surrendered. Resistance requires capital, and violence cannot solve the problem. , Xia Ge is a slight resistance, because she is not as strong as being bound, it seems that she is looking for her own moderation. And it was Xia Ge who had the capital that inspired Xili.
Before Siri was inspired, she obviously accepted the reality ignorantly. She thought that this was her life. She had no reason to resist, and no desire to resist. She seemed to need little satisfaction. She didn't feel that she was suffering. When Xia Ge sang for her, she just smirked! Just think that women in ancient China who were bound by the so-called morality have accepted the idea of ​​women's inferiority since childhood, and at most they just complained that they were not men! Rarely think that human nature needs equality, human nature needs freedom, etc.! Because pain comes from comparison, without comparison, everyone is the same, and there is no pain! But happiness is not a comparison, because everyone's pursuit is different! From the awakening of Xia Ge's inspiration to the outbreak after seeing her sister's letter, Xi Li has deeply felt her pain, just as she said, "This is hell", and finally completed her unique resistance and Get free!
Alice Walker, the author of "Purple Sisters", believes that the film is a "gift to mankind", and the reason may be that it provides another way of resistance between human oppression and oppression. Self-esteem and love dissolve all of this, in the family unit, extending to the race, and then to all of humanity. That's why it's a classic!
Besides, the protagonist's appearance is ugly, and the beauty and ugliness of existence have always catered to the public's aesthetics. Just like the public's aesthetics in each era in Chinese history is different, the beauty of the previous era is what the next era will criticize. , the beauty of personal appearance is always a joke of time, just like Rodin's "Old Prostitute", the once dead fish and geese are just shriveled and withered corpses in the end! Only deep beauty and ugliness are eternal, we just lack the vision to discover beauty (it can also be said that our self-cultivation is not enough), because culture can create artistic conception in the monotonous fields, and can bring charm to the simple life!
The ugly appearance of the protagonist also broke the heroism of the past and restored the values ​​to the poor class. After a hundred years, we are all dust, and who will remember that there was an ugly Fufeng Zhou who stayed up late at night for the beautiful senior sister. Writing letters (hehe), there are very few people who can be remembered by history. Compared with the elites, most people live as vassals of history, but history is created by the masses. Under the guidance of the elites, they forget the role of the masses. But this film seems to say: the ugliest and most ordinary people can also create miracles!

Such a grand story, there is still a lot to say, I can only express my inferior appreciation level incoherently, and the audience can learn from it!

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    make #lemonade# out of lemon, the plot cuts slightly incoherently

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    Spikeberg was an early feminist film and was the first black film in the history of American cinema. Although the word-of-mouth among all of Laos's works is relatively low, and all the ten Oscar nominations that year were missed, I personally like it very much and I almost shed tears several times. Purple refers to the beautiful sea of ​​flowers at the beginning and the end of the movie; purple also represents courage and courage! It is not only about race, but also about the tolerance and awakening of black women. Several different black women in the film resisted in their own different ways. They especially liked Sophia, a woman who had the courage to rebel against her own destiny. Although the reality gave her a merciless blow, it was also the result of the brutality of that era. And the heroine is cowardly and cowardly in most of the film, and swallows her voice to the point of insensibility. But the blood kinship gave her hope, and the friends around her also gave her courage and encouragement. When she shouted at the domestic violence husband who had used herself as a slave for decades, "I am poor and black again. I may be ugly! But dear God, I am free, I am free." Yes The most exciting part of the whole article!

The Color Purple quotes

  • Celie: [to Albert] Till you do right by me, everything you even think about gonna' fail.

  • Celie: The more things change, the more they stay the same.