The best naval battle movie of recent years - "Greyhound"

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The best naval battle movie of recent years - "Greyhound"

Today, let's talk about the movie "Greyhound".

The title of the film is Greyhound (2020), alias Battleship of the Furious Sea (Taiwan) / Battleship Thunder: Hound (Hong Kong) / Greyhound.

Due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, a large number of movies have chosen to be released on online platforms, and this "Greyhound" is exactly the same. "Greyhound" is directed by Aaron Snyder and starring actor Tom Hanks. Due to the epidemic, the original plan to land on the big screen can only choose the first streaming media. It will be released on the Apple TV+ platform on July 10, 2020. .

The film is adapted from C. S. Forest's 1955 novel "The Good Shepherd", which tells the story of a naval captain leading his fleet against German submarines.

The author of the novel, Forrest, was a former British Royal Air Force fighter pilot and commander, and is good at writing war novels. It should be noted that the original book of "Greyhound" is a novel, the story is fictional, the destroyer "Greyhound" is fictional, and the captain played by Tom Hanks is also a fictional character. It's just that the inspiration for the novel comes from real events. Don't compare it with novels like "Band of Brothers" that are adapted from real historical events.

Since it is fictional, then the point of the story is obvious. On the one hand, it is the splendor of the naval battle, and on the other hand, it is the beautification of the image of the US military in World War II.

During World War II, German U-boats were cruising in the Atlantic Ocean, waiting for an opportunity to kill British merchant ships, and American merchant ships hiding across the ocean, thinking of making a fortune in war, also became the target of sniping. U-type submarines have achieved great success. By 1942, the number of U-type submarines in service in the German army exceeded 300, which was also the most rampant time for submarine activities.

In response to submarine harassment, the British response was the escort fleet system. This system dates back to the First World War and was so effective that it continued to be used during World War II. The escort fleet system is very simple. Forty or so transport ships form a fleet, follow the command of unified action, and cross the Atlantic together. This system can effectively deal with submarine harassment, because the probability of a single ship and a fleet being discovered by submarines in the ocean is the same, and the fuel and ammunition that submarines can carry are limited, and only some of them can be destroyed after encountering multiple targets. Ships, the remaining ships can be kept safe. Coupled with the escort of warships, the amount of transportation losses is greatly reduced.

Under the escort fleet system, the story of "Greyhound" is very simple.

Tom Hanks was commissioned in a critical situation, and served as the captain of the destroyer Greyhound for the first time.

The escort fleet was attacked by the German U-boats without incident. Tom Hanks responded calmly and sank the four U-boats and retreated, winning praise.

Don't look at "Greyhound", which is only 90 minutes long. The narrative does not drag on. From the beginning, it goes straight to the theme. The tragic naval battle ensued, and it was always in a state of high tension, without giving the crew and the audience a chance to breathe. With choppy waves and danger all over the Atlantic, you never know how much danger lies beneath the azure waters.

The production cost of "Grey Hound" is not high, and all the shots also focus on the US Navy, and the British and German troops are reduced to the background board. It's no exaggeration to say that Greyhound is the best naval battle movie of recent years. If you can see it on the big screen, it is definitely a blessing for military fans.

Of course, don't forget that this is an American theme movie. The basis of the whole film is a fictional novel, and the starting point is naturally the positive contribution that Americans have made to world peace.

After understanding Wang's tireless reverse education for so many years, what is going on in the United States, haven't you seen clearly? For more than two hundred years, the United States has never fought an evenly matched enemy. It will only take advantage of the weakness of the strong enemy to make up for it or directly bully the weak. By occupying the position of public opinion, history and truth can be grasped. A red flag planted on the Reichstag in Berlin can be changed to an American flag. What else can an opponent with no lower limit be able to do? If you do not occupy the propaganda positions, the enemy will occupy them.

Aside from ideological and political stances, "Greyhound" is very well-made and high-level, and it is worth learning from everyone. After all, it is the correct posture for shooting the main theme movie.

Nonsense, when I see Elizabeth Sue, I will unconsciously think of "Black Robe Pickets". It's not enough for Madeleine to call the motherland directly, and fly directly to it.

The best naval battle movie in recent years,

American legend in a fictional world.

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  • Deon 2022-03-27 09:01:09

    Aaron's guidance is very stable, and the sense of time on the frigate is fully expressed, breathtaking! The shooting of naval battles is not easy. It takes 50 hours from the long cruelty. Victory and death repeatedly bring emotional struggles. The degree of reduction and completion is high. Watching in the morning can cheer up the mood of the day.

  • Jaren 2022-03-27 09:01:09

    Did Apple’s short-cut editing ideas learn from Netflix? Or are streaming platforms completely treating movies as a commodity to pass the time? I feel that this rhythm has deleted at least half an hour of content, forced the use of subtitles to keep the content that can promote the narrative, and deleted all other materials. I don't think this kind of editing idea is hard-core, but I think that this cutting method is not only industrial enough, but completely turns the film into a commodity without a director and without any personality.

Greyhound quotes

  • Gray Wolf: [on radio] Greyhound, good luck surviving the night.