Tom Hanks personally fights Nazi submarines

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The name Tom Hanks is the guarantee of a good film, from "Fly to the Future", "Philadelphia Story", "Forrest Gump" to "Saving Private Ryan", "Desert Island", "Captain Philip" ", Tom Hanks has created a classic character, this film is adapted by Tom Hanks based on the non-fiction novel "The Good Shepherd" written by CS Forester, the script is written by him.

The background of the film is the battle between the Allied supply fleet and German U-boats in the winter of 1942. Thirty-seven merchant ships, escorted by four light warships, headed for Liverpool, England, loaded with munitions. Due to the limitation of the flight range of the aircraft at that time, there was a blank area between the aircraft escorted by the United States and the aircraft escorted by the United Kingdom. The ship had to experience a "black pit" without aircraft escort for several days. excellent location.

Captain Ernie (Tom Hanks) wiped his face tiredly. He hadn't slept well in recent days. He had just experienced several thrilling battles without eating a day. In the scene, he proposed to Yiwei, but the other party did not agree, and pointed out that the world is in turmoil and is full of too many uncertainties. This section is the only color in the film, and it is also the only woman who appears in the whole film under the cool winter tones. In the most difficult times, the middle-aged woman was the driving force behind the captain's perseverance.

The story of the Greyhound is very flat, claustrophobic in the crowded cabin, and in the deep sea in winter, there are German submarine attacks that pop up at any time. The film keeps viewers on edge with its incessant narration of professional naval jargon, repeated signal troopers, and looming sonar screens. Tom Hanks holds up the entire film alone, and you'll never be sure if you'll be able to get home alive until you hit the British plane that takes over.

When the enemy attacked, all the crew immediately went into combat mode. Captain Neil, who had not eaten for a day, subconsciously said to give me another cup of coffee. At this time, the cook who had been taking care of his diet was already killed. When he finally left the dangerous "black pit", he took off his bleeding shoes and finally got a good rest.

During the Battle of the Atlantic, more than 3,500 ships carrying millions of tons of cargo were sunk by Germany, killing 72,200 men. The military supplies delivered by the Allied Supply Fleet in winter are important, and the journey is extremely dangerous. Tom Hanks leads the audience on a journey full of tension and excitement.

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  • Yvonne 2021-12-21 08:01:08

    7 points. As a major war movie, this length is quite rare. However, it is just right to put it down on the Internet. Basically, they are all dry goods, from start to finish, and the shooting of several battle scenes during the period is still very exciting. Or, it's also the length of the film, the whole film is a bit too smooth, basically it's all the way down.

  • Giles 2022-03-27 09:01:09

    If "Attack from the Bottom of the Sea" gets 10 points, this naive and crappy American film has a maximum of 4 points. If you fight a war, you will fight well, and you will have the Bible, and you will hesitate, and you will meet someone in the corner of the world. . . .

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  • Gray Wolf: [on radio] Greyhound, good luck surviving the night.