The scene is very hot, the recent popular war movie

Edwardo 2022-04-19 09:02:11

The recent popular war movie, the scene is very hot, the German submarine, in the movie "Greyhound" used 36 depth charges to sink 1 submarine underwater, and only 2 submarines were sunk by naval guns. submarine.

1 ship was hit by naval guns on the bridge at periscope depth and was forced to float up. One of them was forced to float by a Canadian Navy destroyer with depth charges......

Generally, a German U-boat during World War II can carry 24 torpedoes. Since the torpedo hits the ship under draught water, it must be a one-shot kill! A large amount of seawater entered the cabin instantly, and the crew had no time to run. Except for the bridge and the crew on duty, no one could escape. Four torpedo tubes in the nose of the submarine and two tubes in the tail are fired.

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  • Thaddeus 2022-03-26 09:01:07

    There are no urine spots in the whole film. The close-range "hand-to-hand combat" between the Allied escort destroyers and the German submarines and the naval battle of the U-shaped submarines in groups are so cool! Regret not being able to watch this visual feast in IMAX?

  • Mark 2022-03-27 09:01:09

    It seems compact and moving, but it is actually the output of old-fashioned cultural awareness.

Greyhound quotes

  • Gray Wolf: [on radio] Greyhound, good luck surviving the night.