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Ballast, upgrade, port... Although it is a wave of incomprehensible sailing skills, it can feel the difficulty of naval battles. In the unfathomable ocean, you are facing danger at any time. If you fail, you will be wiped out and buried at the bottom of the sea.

Tom Hanks portrays an experienced, composed captain and commander-in-chief. That is, under his command, the ships rushed to the left and right, defeated the enemy's 4 U-boats, and made the superior leaders shouted incredible.

First of all, I have to say that under the baptism of time, the handsome guy who used to be a middle-aged uncle. But this does not affect his charm, flavor. Tom Hanks is still competent for this experience and life at the same age. Eternal youth is a fake, and a full life under one face is worthy of recollection. Everyone in the world likes to be young, but being able to show a mature middle-aged face who is full of collagen and has lived through life is also one of Tom's successes. When I saw him, I thought it would be a good movie.

Let's talk about some of the scenes in the movie.

The captain's look of pity. Seeing that the U-boat was destroyed, he was not particularly excited, but rather sad. The admiral who followed said, great, beat a ship. That's also dozens of lives, the captain said. Looking at the oil of the smashed enemy ship floating on the sea, the captain watched for a long time worriedly. The oils looked like a pool of blood. It is conceivable that the enemy soldiers on the bed have long been blown up, as the ship is sinking to the bottom of the sea. The film ends with real images of the history of the Atlantic naval battle, and it is written that more than 77,000 soldiers were killed. I don't know if that includes the enemy. This detail may reveal the director, screenwriter, and reflection on war in the original "Shepherd".

A passage from the Bible and the room that the captain reads every day. In the captain's room hangs the words, Jesus Christ, the same every day, yesterday, today, tomorrow, every day. This passage comes from the Gospel. It appears once at the beginning and end of the film. When it first appeared, the voyage had just begun, the war had not yet begun, and there were no casualties. The second time around, there were a lot of casualties and the ship sank. However, all this seems to have been the same state for this passage. It was as if God was watching all this calmly and explaining it all. Everything is the same as before, there is war and peace, there is life and death, and there are joys and sorrows. This is the fate of man. Another detail of the captain is that every time the cooking soldiers bring coffee and food, he will be silent for a moment and call out Amen. This is the captain's belief and the deeper meaning conveyed in the film. This is reminiscent of other war movies, where the Buddhist and Islamic fragments appear the same (?).

Captain's shoes. After all, the captain was old, and after standing for a long time, his feet were rubbed with blood from military boots. This detail does not seem to have much connection with the theme. However, from an individual point of view, the little blood left by the captain seems to represent the blood of those who lost their lives. The movie doesn't include too many bloody scenes. There is only a fragment of the information soldier being left with a bullet to break his jaw, and the medic stitching up the fallen soldier. But from the captain's shoe, we can infer that no one who participated in this war was completely uninjured. Whether heavy or light, life or death, these scars will remain in their memory, and will also extend to their families and friends around them.

Captain's cook. The captain's cook will deliver coffee and sandwiches on time every day. It will also be informed that hot food cannot be provided due to the bumpy ship. It seemed that he was the one who cared the most about the captain and was the one who cared the most about him. But such a kind man. In the end, he took his life. The film specifically describes the scene of a sea burial due to the loss of life in a naval battle. Although it is a bit abrupt in logic, because after all, the war has not been completely over, they collectively put down their weapons and started this ritual. I think that's what the film is trying to fully present. It can be seen that the captain is the most attentive to the cooking soldiers, after all, they meet every day. What the viewer sees is that the war is cruel.

Captain's Woman. a small ship. a conversation. little memory. There isn't much to describe, but the silent is better than the sound.

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  • Nels 2021-12-21 08:01:08

    Exciting, all in one go. Although it is still a Tom Hanks-style heroic movie, in this fierce battle, you can catch a glimpse of the wisdom, responsibility, glory and belief of a captain. It's just a pity that movies made for the theater can only be seen with the audience on the computer.

  • Elmira 2021-12-21 08:01:08

    With a cost of 50 million yuan, it is likely to be the final movie "blockbuster" in 2020. Be content, brothers, all the comrades and brothers who shared the hardships with the movie during the most difficult epidemic period!

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