Aiming for a thousand miles, "Greyhound"

Shanny 2022-04-20 09:01:47


"Stable as Mount Tai".

I was very angry when I read the news about Huawei recently.

If we can't see our good, we use improper means.

Recently, Hollywood star Tom Hanks criticized Trump in public, saying that his response to the epidemic was neither calm nor wise.

In March 2020, Tom Hanks and his wife announced that they were infected with new coronary pneumonia. The two recovered after treatment. Hanks also helped other patients by donating plasma.

Tom Hanks is a veteran Hollywood movie star, born in 1956. He first appeared in a movie role in 1979. He has served as an actor, director, screenwriter, and producer, and has won many awards.

His starring films include the well-known "Forrest Gump", "Cat and Mouse", "Saving Private Ryan", the reliable quality "Happy Terminal", "Miracle in the Green Mile", "Bridge of Spies", etc. .

In short, most of the films starring "Forrest Gump" are of high quality and quantity.

As early as the 2016 U.S. election, Tom Hanks blasted Trump as a self-centered chatterbox.

Affected by the new crown virus, the global film and television industry has been hit, and there are few good films, and now there is no need to watch them.

If there's a must-see movie in July 2020, it's Greyhound.

Said as if there are must-see movies in other months.

"Greyhound", originally scheduled to be released in 2019, finally won the exclusive streaming rights of the film due to Apple TV + beating Netflix (Netflix) with a lot of money.

Although the theater release has been affected, and the emergence of streaming media can recover some losses, Tom Hanks still said that watching this war-themed film in theaters and watching it at home are completely different things.

"Greyhound" is adapted from the novel "The Shepherd", directed by Aaron Schneider, co-written by Tom Hanks and Forest, starring Tom Hanks.

Although the story in the novel is fictitious, during World War II, the German U-boat brought great losses to the Allies in the Atlantic battlefield, which can be said to be a trump card of the German army.

The captain of the Allied destroyer played by Tom Hanks had to perform escort missions in the Atlantic waters where many U-shaped submarines were lurking.

As can be seen from the trailer, there are all kinds of scenes, extreme operations, large ships, bombs, and magnificent naval battles.

The 91-minute film begins with a chilling naval battle atmosphere in less than 10 minutes, followed by a series of professional command and manipulation.

How many degrees north latitude for a while, full rudder for a while, sonar for a while, and two-thirds speed for a while.

To be honest, I didn't understand a word, so I just watched the fun.

Of course, watching the excitement is not in vain, watching the tense atmosphere of the battlefield, watching the captain sleepless and restless, and not even bothering to eat, watching a mine bomb like a dumpling.

Look at the 63-year-old (according to 2019) old Tom's steady acting skills.

Look at another destroyer facing two torpedoes, and Tianxiu's operation passed the torpedo; the attacked cargo ship was in flames, and the scattered crew members were helpless on the sea.

Thrilling, real brutal.

It can be said that it is a 91-minute film, and 80 minutes are in a state of high tension. Even when the battle is over at the end, the tension is easily overwhelmed.

At the end, Tom Hanks still contributed the acting skills of using his face as a fist, a picture, a shape, and an expression, like a punch on the audience's throat.

It is reminiscent of the end of the Cold War background film Bridge of Spies, also starring Tom Hanks.

There are always people who shoulder the pressure in times of crisis and stand up to save our lives today.

In fact, every era and every piece of history has a critical moment about human beings and the nation. We pay tribute to those who gave in silently, and to the leaders who turned the tide.

Come on Huawei.

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