Believe it or not, Tom Hanks played Zhang Dongsheng

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Hanks is out again to save people, save Private Ryan, save plane passengers, save prison criminals.

This time he came back from Captain Sully's position and took charge of the destroyer captain, saving his own ship and the ships of the entire route.

The film contributes to a gripping World War II naval battle with its unique rhythm control and Hanks' charisma.

However, the captain played by Hanks is too perfect, a bit like Zhang Dongsheng.

1 different war movies

During World War II, Captain Claus, the destroyer of the USS Greyhound, served as commander-in-chief of the escort fleet, protecting 37 Allied ships across the Atlantic Ocean. Ambushed by a German U-boat. Under the calm command of Captain Claus, they unbelievably sank four German U-boats and successfully crossed the Atlantic Ocean.

A typical hero story, paired with guns and bombs, is a classic Hollywood blockbuster package.

But the film didn't do that. And build a battle with rhythm and atmosphere.

The film is fast paced.

In the 10th minute, the naval battle started.

No shells, no fighting, just digital reports in the command cabin, repeated over and over again.

Captain Klaus, played by Hanks, pondered deeply and kept muttering to himself.

The camera cuts to the crew's face.

The deputy captain's greasy and indifferent, the sonar operator's nervousness, and the cook's calmness.

In the end, it came to nothing in the quick order of Captain Claus.

This is also a picture of the whole film.

Everyone surrounds Captain Claus. His messages and orders become weapons.

The cramped command cabin is full of suffocating tension, making the film no less tense than some big-screen movies.

You must know that the last time I filmed a U-shaped submarine was the famous "Hunting U-571". The film, shot 22 years ago, cost hundreds of millions.

Greyhound only cost $50 million and they did everything they could.

2 The nature of war

The essence of war is death.

War has always been cruel and ruthless, whether the purpose is good or evil. Once a war is launched, it is only human beings who suffer.

If too many emotions are planted in the war, it will make the war deviate from the theme, and it will cause the pain of many people who have experienced the war.

A lot of war movies have this problem. The scene is grand and the action bursts. The nature of war can be ignored. In the end, war movies are about peace, not fanaticism.

For example, in "Battle of Midway", in order to fight back against the Japanese, war has become a tool to vent anger. The decisive battle skills at sea and air are very solid, and a large number of professional tactics and intensive flight close-ups are exciting. Seeing the stars and stripes flying, the supreme glory, but ignoring that the enemy is also a human being, and the enemy is also a victim.

Why Saving Private Ryan is great, and the greatest thing about it is saving. It hits the emotional underbelly of this ruthless war. The core of "1917" is also saving, they are saving an entire squad.

In "Greyhound", although it was only a battle for a few days, it did not forget the ugly portrayal of war.

One of the most heart-pounding scenes in the film is the darkening of the sky, and the camera slowly ascends from the sea to the dense clouds.

The merchant ships lined up on the sea are like a group of poor sheep, and the German U-ships are like wolves, approaching and strangling.

The submarine came up with a ghostly neigh.

Like a pack of wolves in the prairie, silently stalking behind their prey, waiting for an opportunity.

And the poor sheepdogs had no choice but to pray that the merchant ships would not be hit.

It presents a sense of blank powerlessness and the cruelty of war. This is impressive.

The other person who shines with humanity is the captain. He cared about his subordinates, about refugees, and even about his enemies.

Seeing death, what flashed in his eyes was compassion, and when he encountered someone who fell into the water, he immediately asked for rescue.

3 Captain's Glory and Conjecture

Captain Claus presents an almost perfect image of a man in the film.

For his affectionate proposal to his girlfriend, he must be grateful before each meal, show compassion for the soldiers, and repeated Bible quotations many times.

When fighting, he was calm and decisive, led everyone to sink many U-ships, and had the courage to admit mistakes.

Perfect almost great.

In the face of war, he has to lead the crew out of danger. In the face of the enemy, he also showed infinite compassion.

When he killed the first U-ship and saw the oil spilled from the bottom of the sea, the pity in Klaus' eyes was far greater than the excitement.

In order to save the drowning man, he also ordered the fleet to forcibly return to wait.

He is very calm. He calmly dealt with every order, and explosion-like information poured into his ears, but he still calmed down and issued precise orders, patiently waiting for the German U-boat to enter the frigate's strike range.

He even calmly commanded the ship to dodge between two torpedoes, relying only on the naked eye and experience. At this time, the crew of the entire fleet were almost dumbfounded, looking at the captain eagerly, waiting for him to issue an order.

This panicked group portrait further highlights the captain's tall personal image.

That's certainly true, the problem is that it's too perfect. You must know that this captain is the first time he has led a team across the Atlantic Ocean. In fact, it is the first time he has led a team to participate in actual combat.

But his judgments are as precise as a scalpel every time.

Compared with the accuracy of judgment, what is more terrifying is his calmness.

A person can only be so calm when he sees death as his own.

This resignation is not patriotic, but more like the loss of all hope.

"War is just to those who need it; justified to those who have lost all hope" - Livy

In a way, this war was justified by Captain Claus, who had lost all hope.

Otherwise, there is no way to explain the failure of the opening confession.

At the beginning of the film, the captain and his girlfriend made a warm confession, but the girlfriend rejected him with a very fucking reason: plan after the war has calmed down. The implication is that you are going to die, don't come to me.

This is simply an announcement of the captain's death.

The pain of lovelorn completely hit the captain, and the captain had the strength to ride the wind and waves, allowing him to brave the Atlantic Ocean.

But his girlfriend never showed up again.

This makes one wonder what the captain did to his girlfriend.

At the end of the film, the captain knelt down and prayed, and the shadow of his girlfriend appeared. Where is this prayer, it is clearly atonement.

Kind of like Zhang Dongsheng.

After losing hope, he became extremely calm, extremely heartless. He killed his parents-in-law and his wife. You can still live with a normal person and attitude.

Why is Captain Claus so calm? Where is the girlfriend?

All a mystery.

It may be wrong to guess, but people are perfect and almost demon.

The film has too many positive descriptions of the captain and uses too much force, which makes people doubt the authenticity of this person.

The naval battle part of the film accounts for more than 90%. Too many naval battles and portrayals of captains throw the film off balance.

In the end, there were cheers of victory all over the sea, but the captain was secretly happy in the stern.

Not sure if he's celebrating victory, or whether he's celebrating psychological balance.

Overall, it's a good, heartwarming war movie. It's just too much force on the characterization of the characters, and the explanation of the characters is lacking. This can't help but make people think.

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    As boring as the Tom Hanks image of recent years.

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    I'm sorry because I don't like watching war movies so much, and naval battles are especially boring because it's slow and not exciting. Watching this movie made my palms sweat. I know how to shoot it.

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