The popcorn film that is deleted after watching it once cannot be compared with the similar theme "Attack from the Bottom of the Sea" in all aspects.

Royce 2022-04-21 09:02:27

After reading it, I deleted it. Although I am not a fan of submarine warfare, I still played a little hunting and snorkeling. I also watched "Attack from the Bottom of the Sea" three or five times.

A military film can't escape the scrutiny. If the overall atmosphere is very good, there are some flaws. In a film of land warfare, you need to wear a little bit of weapons and equipment, and tactical fakes are okay, but a film of anti-submarine warfare with a high technical content is more disgusting.

When I watched it, I wanted to complain about a few points. Many people said it. One is that the captain of the big bad wolf is full of hatred. You are not playing team battles to attract local firepower. It is purely to show that he is the ultimate. The mentally handicapped setting of the boss.

The second point is that the submarine has to chase the destroyer and hit the hair torpedoes. If the magnetic torpedoes still have a little chance of hitting, if not, and the destroyer has found the submarine on high alert, the flexibility of the destroyer The speed and speed of avoiding the torpedoes launched from the front couldn't be easier, and then the director also increased the difficulty to set off a climax with two-sided flanking. Do you think the submarine's underwater speed exceeds 30 knots Nautilus? In 1942, it should be all Type VII submarines or older, the underwater speed is no more than 9 knots, and the destroyer is more than 30 knots.

The original Atlantic anti-submarine warfare is the setting of cat and mouse, and the mouse steals food. Here it is shot as the mouse besieging the cat.

Another point is that the submarine periscope is like a fool and can't go down. When looking at the attack from the bottom of the sea, the captain only dares to extend the periscope for a few seconds and then quickly lower it, especially in the daytime when the wind and waves are not large. Dare to keep raising the periscope to let the enemy find you, do you want to take the periscope barrel destroyer

It can only be said that in the past few years, there have been fewer and fewer high-cost war films, so they all give high marks.

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Extended Reading
  • Liana 2022-03-25 09:01:10

    The storms are rough, and you must prepare as soon as possible, knowing that you are the last line of defense for the fleet. There are wolves around, you must make a judgment immediately, otherwise how to face those faces who are looking forward to going home. Behind the cheers, honors, and praises, there are struggles, helplessness, and anxious waiting. Only by experiencing the danger in the midst of the smoke of gunpowder, can we take the great credit under the cheers. With a noble and loyal belief, yesterday, today, and forever. Unexpected annual hit, it can be called the captain's training manual, battle command, sailing scheduling, temporary decision-making, and a comprehensive display of everything, from the high-spirited sailing to the embattled crisis, his prudence, forbearance, anxiety, all in one go. Coupled with that tense soundtrack, goosebumps are like ocean waves. Let me tell you a detail: During the funeral of the unfortunate food steward, the soldiers shook the flag many times before burying his body, as if he was reluctant to part with the ship. I remembered the dialogue between him and the captain at the beginning of the movie. : "I can sleep well on the boat." This is the temperament and insight that a good theme movie should have.

  • Maiya 2022-03-26 09:01:07

    I originally thought it would take a long time to set the stage, but I thought that I would directly enter the theme in three or five minutes, but I thought I wanted to be nervous first to whet the audience's appetite, and then slowly recall and describe the character's personality slowly. I couldn't breathe, I thought a paragraph was over, but I didn't think it would continue. The shot of the German submarine is well portrayed, but the radio provocation is a bit redundant.

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  • Gray Wolf: [on radio] Greyhound, good luck surviving the night.