Tom Hanks Jigsaw Puzzle

Magnolia 2022-04-22 07:01:32

In addition to starring, Uncle Tang is also a screenwriter.

The original novel made the old drama so fascinating, and there was a picture in my heart that I "must" put it on the screen.

Where does "must" come from?

Every film of Uncle Tang is actually full of religious zeal. Not to mention the famous big productions, even the "Happy Terminal" that was repeatedly broadcast by the five sets of the central government also carried persistent beliefs; Hollywood is similar to him. , and Mel Gibson, but Uncle May seems to be more willing to repeat his understanding of suffering (passion), and Uncle Tang’s theme is: faith. From this point of view, Uncle Tang's audience will be wider, so if you want to talk about the output of values, Uncle Tang is definitely one of the Americans who "did a great job". The values ​​output by the Singhs are more moving.

Uncle Tang has indeed captured the core part of God's belief: it is not the creation legend, the crucifixion of Jesus, or mysticism, but the companionship and promotion that people get on his path because of true confession.

Uncle Tang is inspired because of this. Some people say that it is superficial, which is true; but maybe the truth in life is really superficial. The key is whether "superficial" covers all life - "Grey Hound" is another piece of the whole puzzle.

Specifically speaking about movies, World War II and even World War I itself are extremely typical and extreme events of modernity, and the so-called modernity, its important theme is that the world has experienced a great degree of disenchantment from all corners and levels. In this context, a person who is still "believing in gods and charms" is actually an out of date person. We have seen two things in the few background explanations in the movie: first, the protagonist was quite unhappy before, and second, His love is "a long way to go" but pure and beautiful.

Disadvantage is inevitable, people who are not at the right time are the same everywhere. A person who sank an enemy ship but still thinks about others is also a soul, a person who does not even pick up pieces so that they can go back and ask for credit together. Pure love pursuit and belief , it is also inevitable, because men and women under the watchful eyes of God are like this, both eager and restrained, both unreserved and always patient - people who think this is a bit masochistic and even hypocritical, that is because you are already a thoroughly modern person - A layman.

Otherworldly saints are not like that.

So this film is actually about: a saint, how he will go to the battlefield as the commander of an imminent war, to defeat his enemies, to kill and save people.

We'll soon see that the captain came to victory with both his skill and his faith, but it's hard to tell how the two fit together and work when he When at last he prayed peacefully in the two-lighted cabin and finally lay down to rest, he had done enough, not because his superiors applauded him, not only because he had done the job after all, but because he It shows how spiritual things are combined with material things.

However, war destroys civilization, and the development of civilization destroys God; man saves "civilization" through just war, and then civilization continues to produce spiritual mediocrity and short people - these paradoxes are not so much in Tom Hanks's The answer in a jigsaw puzzle is rather a powerful revelation.

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