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Jedidiah 2022-04-23 07:02:31

The Greyhound is an atmosphere builder.

The simple and rude picture scheduling and editing have magically succeeded in creating pre-war anxiety and tension, and wartime is exciting and every minute counts. The shots that should come are in front of you, making the whole story clear.

Looking at the few new films and the handful of American imperial blockbusters, this moderately invested war film has naturally become my favorite. Moreover, Tene, who had been looking forward to it before, was first changed from "Creed" to an unknown name such as "Tian Neng", and then the indefinite postponement of the release announced this morning. In normal times, I'd probably ignore this movie that's all about the tactical instructions of a destroyer. But on closer inspection, at least for me, it does a good job of popularizing the common sense of warfare that I sorely lack.

Why can destroyers resist silent submarines? Because it has depth charges. Why do submarines sometimes come out of the water? Because the speed of submarines on the surface can be greatly increased. Why can fish be seen and avoided? Because the torpedo only travels half a meter below the surface, it is visible to the naked eye, allowing the destroyer to react to avoid the torpedo. What does a captain have to do with a wartime commander? What are the duties of the lieutenant? What is the principle of CIC operations? What are relative and absolute coordinates? When chasing a submarine, considering the turning radius and speed, when should you detour to intercept and when should you evade?

There are no German anti-German films. The only German element to play is Thomas Kretschmann's frantic radio. The atmosphere and the integration of elements are clearly grasping and, at least, educational.

The most fun belongs to when watching this movie last night, the Greyhound dodged the torpedo, but there was a loud noise from the window, and the lights in the room with a radius of 100 meters were turned off. When I asked about it, I found out that it was the overload breakdown and explosion of the regional transformer that I see every day. The atmosphere at that time was very much like a ship that was concentrated by torpedoes. After the explosion, the surrounding was turned into darkness.

There was no power until this morning. But it gave me a strong hint, like a metaphor, a foreshadowing, that there was someone in my life hitting my heart, or something was going to happen, or something was going to change.

I do not know.

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  • Dillan 2022-03-28 09:01:04

    Talk more about reality and less about justice.

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    No nonsense #purestraightmalewarfilm#.

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  • Gray Wolf: [on radio] Greyhound, good luck surviving the night.