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Lilla 2022-04-23 07:02:31

The screenplay for the film was written by Tom Hanks. Adapted from The Good Shepherd by CS Forester.

I read the first page of the novel, all in English, it knows me, I don't know it. But this movie is really wonderful.

The first battle of the film is against U-Boat, who is off the list. This U-Boat may be eager to make a contribution and entered the radar detection range alone. Although it sank a fleet merchant ship, it was also blown up by Greyhound itself. Captain Ernest Krause, who was in command of the escort fleet for the first time, acted with composure and made this contribution.

By the afternoon of the first day, the submarine team attacked again. sink a ship. A refrigerator-sized decoy was released, consuming three dozen depth charges from Greyhound.

The next morning, the fighting started again. The destroyer Eagle was badly wounded and abandoned. Fortunately, a U-Boat was blown up.

The next night, Captain Krause changed tack and called the RAF to agree on a meeting and location.

On the morning of the third day, there were three hours left until the meeting and the venue. Krause hadn't slept for more than 30 hours, and his feet were bleeding from long walks. Just when it was about to lose its hold, two U-Boats attacked at the same time. The torpedoes were fired at an angle, and Greyhound narrowly escaped. Settling down a little, Krause ordered, head straight for one of the enemy boats, sinking it even if it hit. While rushing and shelling, the bullets rained and sank the enemy boats.

At this time, another U-Boat has locked Greyhound, and the torpedo is ready to go. This time Greyhound has no chance to escape. In desperation, British air-to-air planes arrived and, guided by Greyhound artillery, dropped missiles and blew the submarine to smithereens.

Although the story is fictional, the real historical battle is definitely more tragic than this. Both the Allies and the Allies paid dearly. Hitler's madness led him to a dead end.

I read it twice and took notes the second time. There are many terms in it, and there are many names of ships. Taking notes helps to understand. It's not easy to understand. This is not easy, but it is wonderful. In a few months, I may revisit it again. Is it a good movie, usually you can't read it once or twice.

What do you get after watching it? But why does it have to be rewarded? I took the time to read it, checked the English dictionary several times, and understood some things. This is the harvest. There is no big gain, just watching a movie, where can such a big insight come from.

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  • Carleton 2022-03-26 09:01:07

    Good-looking! The anti-submarine warfare from the surface ship perspective is more intense than the silent hunting from the submarine perspective, almost hand-to-hand. The distress flares and exploding flames rising from all sides, the torpedo wakes scurrying under the turbulent sea, and the monotonous and arrogant wolf howls of the Nazi captain could not shake the Greyhound's dedication to guarding freedom in the wolf-ravaged North Atlantic. Boat.

  • Carmine 2021-12-21 08:01:08

    The story is very small and has no ambition to become a masterpiece, but it wins in a clean and unobtrusive manner.

Greyhound quotes

  • Gray Wolf: [on radio] Greyhound, good luck surviving the night.