The eye of the sky, the hand of God - what is justice with violence?

Hugh 2022-04-20 09:01:45

It can be said that "Eye in the Sky" is a non-traditional war film. The film uses almost all the shots to explain how a modern war was launched. Grabbing people's hearts, but also protracted, tangled and tortured like that process. I personally think that this long torture process is the most successful part of this film.
The top government officials are assessing the legality of provoking a war, the military command is assessing the feasibility of the operation to obtain authorization, two unprepared recruits have to face the human torture of turning on the missile launch switch, and the audience is supporting who? Swing on the scales of one side. There is no absolute fairness and justice, no matter how you choose, there is a risk of facing public questioning and conscience accountability.
It can be said that this killing has already started from the beginning of the movie. The heroine, played by Helen Mirren, is an extremely calm and decisive colonel who knows exactly which phase to activate at what stage to ensure that her actions are carried out perfectly. In the film, her oral language is "I have been with her (the wife of the leader of a British terrorist organization) for 6 years...". Her subtext is that this time I must kill her. She is the power source to start the missile. The general, played by Alan Rickman, has also been the driving force behind the action. The military high-level tacit understanding and unity, they completed the task after the implementation of the action plan. And the government officials who wipe their butts are inevitably caught in the game of buck-passing.
There are three lines in the progression of the plot, one is the peaceful and warm daily life of the little girl's family; the other is the ordinary activities of terrorist leaders; the third line is also the main line of the plot, which unfolds in the process of government officials evading blame and seeking authorization from high-level officials. Time is passing by a little bit, and the plot is pressing step by step. No matter the person in the play or the outsider, they are more inclined to start killing-sacrificing an alien girl to save more people.
This is the most brilliant part of "Eye in the Sky". The audience, who are obviously outsiders, will choose to lean towards the military's position in their hearts-to launch this air-to-ground war. Under the director's mobilization, the audience completed a collective rehearsal of waging war and self-condemnation of "post-war" conscience. A lively and lovely girl can no longer turn her hula hoop, we are at a loss who to ask? Everyone is responsible, she seems to have been abandoned by the god of luck. Everyone took part in the killing, some made a move, some made a decision, and some stood in line. And this is just one of the countless killings in the Middle East, North Africa, South Asian subcontinent... Who can guarantee that when such a choice is before us, we will not choose it. In the cycle of violence and violence, how the parents of the little girl will decide the future path, the film does not explain, but no one can guarantee that they will not become the next suicide bomber.
The so-called justice is just the interpretation of different people from different angles. Who has the right to decide the life and death of others? ! Who has the right to decide justice? !
Through "Eye in the Sky", we can helplessly look at this human tragedy from the perspective of God, watching the decision-making gang composed of a group of cowards and reckless people, after clearing everyone's own responsibility, activate the missile button; Ben The avoidable tragedy just detonated thousands of miles away, and then they went on with their own lives, letting others bear their mistakes and indifference... They are not gods, and have no right to wear the mask of justice and decide the life and death of others. Anger. And we, not God, look at other people's tragedies through images today, isn't it for the sake of not letting such human tragedies recur in the future?

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Eye in the Sky quotes

  • Angela Northman: In my opinion, that was disgraceful. And all done from the safety of your chair.

    Lt. General Frank Benson: I have attended the immediate aftermath of five suicide bombings, on the ground, with the bodies. What you witnessed today, with your coffee and your biscuits, is terrible. But what these men would have done would have been even more terrible.

  • [last lines]

    Lieutenant Colonel Ed Walsh: You did well. Both of you.

    Steve Watts: Thank you... Sir.

    Lieutenant Colonel Ed Walsh: Now you go home. Get some rest. I need you both back here in 12 hours... Okay?