The eye of the sky, the eye of God

Moshe 2022-04-20 09:01:45

Literally means the eye of the sky, representing surveillance from modern technology. After thinking deeply, is it also saying that the eyes of God are looking at the world, or are discussing whether there is really a perspective of God, I like this name.

After the explosion in Orlando, the United States, watching this movie again, the feeling is a little more profound. The movie gave the pros and cons enough space for discussion. As for the conclusion, I left you and me off-screen.

Religion, war, and politics are mixed together, what are the two ends of the scale?

Moderate Muslims: The family of the little girl in the movie is a typical moderate Muslim, who survive in a radical religious atmosphere. The father wanted the little girl to be educated and play happily, but in front of outsiders, he had to hide the textbook and scold the daughter who was playing. He said to the little girl, "They are fanatics" and they are crazy. However, in the end, the little girl was blown away by a bomb, and it was these lunatics who helped him send the little girl to the hospital. From his perspective, his daughter was blown away by the European and American troops, and it was radical fighters who helped. What will he think?

Politicians: including Prime Minister, Minister of Justice, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Advisors. Politicians are the most wretched. In addition to human struggles, they also have political considerations. Mutual buck-passing in decision-making and ambiguity in legal answers, but it is this group of people who make the final decision. The female consultant plays the most important role, and her point of view is clear. It is sinful to kill to prevent possible future killings. Because the killing in the future has not yet happened, but the killing in the present is real. The variable that the little boy in the middle buys bread also corroborates this from the side.

Soldiers: Needless to say, the grassroots soldiers obey orders, and at most do a little struggle within the scope allowed by the system. The two most important British generals. They insisted on attacking from start to finish, their logic was clear and simple, and it was worthwhile and justified to sacrifice the safety of the many for the safety of the many. To this end, they did not hesitate to manipulate the casualty assessment report, and it was precisely because of this difference of a few percent that the Prime Minister authorized the final attack. When the advisor accused the general of "That was disgraceful", the general said "Never tell a soldier that he does not know the cost of war." Haven't seen the cruelty of war, don't tell me the cost of war. If the terrorists are really allowed to leave and the human bomb explodes, maybe not just a little girl will be killed.

When you're about to be persuaded by the military, the movie ends with a scene of a dead little girl playing hula hoops, and a fresh life is gone, as if something is shaken.

Some people say that this is a western theme movie. I want to say whether you are blind or not. If it is the main theme, the soldier operating the drone should resolutely refuse to execute the order and wait for the little girl to step out of the blast range. If it is the main theme, the radical soldier should be destroyed to the end, and the little girl should not die. The value of "Eye in the Sky" lies in asking questions without presupposing answers, and in giving both parties the possibility to discuss. So if you're the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, to blow up or not to blow up?

If God really exists, in the final judgment, who will go to heaven and who will go to hell. Or, the world is the gray area between heaven and hell, and everyone faces such an unsolvable choice.

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  • Kaylie 2021-12-19 08:01:08

    A film of fake benevolence, drone bombing on the real battlefield doesn't care about the life and death of a child so much. With so many children who died in the bombing in Syria, do they care so much about the casualties of a civilian? Instead, this movie feels that the director’s hypocrisy, acting pretentiously for ordinary people to see

  • Christiana 2021-12-19 08:01:08

    Seeing, I want to eat noodles-_-||| (just this bowl of main theme chicken soup)

Eye in the Sky quotes

  • Angela Northman: In my opinion, that was disgraceful. And all done from the safety of your chair.

    Lt. General Frank Benson: I have attended the immediate aftermath of five suicide bombings, on the ground, with the bodies. What you witnessed today, with your coffee and your biscuits, is terrible. But what these men would have done would have been even more terrible.

  • [last lines]

    Lieutenant Colonel Ed Walsh: You did well. Both of you.

    Steve Watts: Thank you... Sir.

    Lieutenant Colonel Ed Walsh: Now you go home. Get some rest. I need you both back here in 12 hours... Okay?