All Lives Matter!

Waylon 2022-04-21 09:02:23

1. The film tells an enduring philosophical proposition: in order to save 80 people, is it reasonable to kill one person, even if permitted by law. This is of course a question that will never have an answer;
2. At a critical moment, the much-anticipated response from the Prime Minister is: "Do everything possible to reduce casualties." - Whether it's English, French, Arabic, the world's Mandarin is really different 3. "Youtube videos can incite
a revolution" - social networks are increasingly and profoundly affecting real-world politics, the same is true in China, but people usually It's all reflected in the opposite of the government;
4. The main pilot of the drone said that he did this job to repay the high university loan. No wonder Sanders is so popular!
5. Queen Helen is always not like a female soldier. In terms of body and temperament, the gap is still very obvious.
In the end, from the prime minister to the minister, from the general to the pilot, all the participants in this operation were repeatedly tangled and even confronted each other for a little Kenyan girl who had never met before, no matter what the motive was, whether it was initiative or not Being forced, this value of life, moved me more than the cumbersome legal procedures required to launch a missile. Even the ending is still a tragedy.

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  • Claudie 2021-12-19 08:01:08

    It’s too virgin and the benevolence of women looked anxious (why no one cares about the life and death of local agents?!)

  • Don 2021-12-19 08:01:08

    The drama is amazing, the whole process is screened, and the struggle between politics and humanity is shown in a seemingly simple anti-terrorism operation. The perspective is far away and the visual structure is not large, but the breadth and depth of the story makes other anti-terrorism films look forward to wonder.

Eye in the Sky quotes

  • Angela Northman: In my opinion, that was disgraceful. And all done from the safety of your chair.

    Lt. General Frank Benson: I have attended the immediate aftermath of five suicide bombings, on the ground, with the bodies. What you witnessed today, with your coffee and your biscuits, is terrible. But what these men would have done would have been even more terrible.

  • [last lines]

    Lieutenant Colonel Ed Walsh: You did well. Both of you.

    Steve Watts: Thank you... Sir.

    Lieutenant Colonel Ed Walsh: Now you go home. Get some rest. I need you both back here in 12 hours... Okay?