The British Humor of High-Tech Beheadings

Deon 2022-04-22 07:01:32

The content has fluctuated many times. The behavior of various characters such as female colonel, drone pilot, general, and minister has already been determined by their location and personality. In fact, there is no standard answer to whether one life or eighty lives is more important. On the contrary, politicians keep asking their superiors for instructions and doing things according to the process, which makes people think, and finally 45% of them solve the problem.

From the point of view of the script, it is almost impeccable, and the actors explain the roles perfectly through expressions and language. The general is actually played by the magic teacher in Harry Potter, which always makes people want to laugh, especially the setting of his appearance, which sets the tone for the whole film to ridicule British politicians. The US Secretary of State seems to be very decisive, which may be the only stream of consciousness in the British film.

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Extended Reading
  • Burdette 2022-03-21 09:02:05

    A moral debate between the decision-makers and implementers of a military strike, as seen in Ukiyo-e. High-energy tension throughout, and British humor. Some people say that the UK is hacked, and the British love to hack themselves! The Minister has a stomach ache again, and the Americans will always "would rather kill a hundred than let one go". This is the last movie of Alan Rickman, he is so heroic in the movie! ?

  • Tavares 2022-03-23 09:02:05

    In a humanitarian film, halfway through the shooting, the bureaucrat kicked the ball and turned into a yes minister. How big is the shadow area of ​​the South African director's heart for the British bureaucracy. . . Grandpa Alan is going all the way.

Eye in the Sky quotes

  • Lt. General Frank Benson: Never tell a soldier that he does not know the cost of war.

  • James Willett: Revolutions are fueled by postings on YouTube.