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Rodolfo 2022-12-25 00:25:12

movie below. Accidentally came across English pronunciation without subtitles. Then read it by feeling.

I forgot whose review I read and decided to watch it, but I just felt a little sad after watching it. Sad for a woman's helplessness in the face of her own life, in order to survive, she married a man she did not love, sad for her daughter's ignorance, and let her mother rub shoulders with her music and dreams, love and life. , sad that a husband can only cut off his own woman's fingers and watch her leave.

The love in their hearts is too rough, they don't know how to express it, they can only love and hate in their own way. But is the way of expressing love very important? What matters is the content that is conveyed, so even if the hatred for the other party is resolved in the end, it becomes love instead. Because of love, I would rather give up everything I have, including my life...

Fortunately, it was like a fallen piano entangled her feet. When she was going to be buried together, she woke up and no longer gave up her right to a happy life. , then left that boot behind and returned to happiness.

There are thousands of ways to love, but there is only one kind of happiness.

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  • George Baines: I want to lie together without clothes on.

  • George Baines: I have given the piano back to you. I've had enough. The arrangement is making you a whore, and me, wretched. I want you to care for me. But you can't. It's yours, leave. Go on, go.