The Eye of the Sky: The Eye of Humanity? Soldier's Eye? Leader's Eye?

Vincenzo 2022-04-23 07:02:27

The film tells the story of a multinational joint operation to capture terrorists. A terrorist attack is approaching, but the plan to eliminate the terrorists is suspended due to a little girl who accidentally broke into the target range. A typical "tram problem" appeared, whether to sacrifice 1 person to save 80 people, or to save 1 person and ignore 80 people. Multiple forces came on stage, and made different judgments and choices on actions based on their respective responsibilities. Powell, a military intelligence officer, head of operations. From her point of view, it took 6 years to finally track down the opportunity to hit the target with one hit and prevent the next disaster. Frank, a general, directed the arrest. From his point of view, he understands the cruelty of war and supports the strategic decisions of his subordinates, but also balances the opinions of his colleagues and bears the consequences of the decision. Steve, a young drone pilot, is in charge of launching missiles. From his point of view, it is to report the situation at the scene and execute the order. Although human nature is torn in his heart, he has no decision-making power. Fortunately, it is also unfortunate. Fortunately, there is no need to take responsibility. Unfortunately, the person who pulls the trigger himself. In the face of emergencies in the joint operation, the British Foreign Minister, Foreign Secretary, Attorney General, and Undersecretary of State, from the perspectives of political influence, legal compliance, public propaganda, etc., all shied away from each other. Anyway, "I am not responsible for this decision." . The U.S. Secretary of State and the National Security Council's legal adviser have an attitude. Are they on the arrest list? Now, that is the enemy, and the elimination is over, and there is no need to worry about any impact. British conference room, British military base, Singapore (where the foreign minister's foreign affairs activities), China (where the U.S. Secretary of State visits), U.S. military bases... Thousands of miles apart, facing the same video screen, Kenya-Nairobi, a village market , a private house, to discuss a decision. move on or off. From the perspective of the sky, the film focuses on a site with multiple scenes at the same moment, and captures the unbearable burden of human life under the moral dilemma. There is no right or wrong in this decision, because the truth of war is always the biggest victim. In the end, the target was killed, the attack was stopped, and the little girl died!

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  • Pearline 2021-12-19 08:01:08

    3.5 stars. Wall Crack suggested that the title be changed to "The Little Girl Selling Big Cakes." A group of mothers who played the ball were waiting for the little girls to sell the big cakes. It was all blamed on the old horse for not penetrating the rural e-commerce into thousands of households, otherwise the little girl would sit at home. With the click of a mouse, hundreds of millions of pie can be sold every minute, and even the pie can circle the earth. Reference film "Strategic Secret Service Team"

  • Friedrich 2022-03-23 09:02:05

    The Americans are neat and tidy, while the British are evasive and do not want to take responsibility. For such an important strike, the drone operator hired two newbies and shot a missile with tears streaming down his face. The discretion of its own principles, thanks to the slowness of the terrorists in this film, they did not delay the fighter planes. Is this still the United Kingdom that tried every means to drag the United States to bomb areas at night during World War II? Oh, no.

Eye in the Sky quotes

  • Lt. General Frank Benson: Never tell a soldier that he does not know the cost of war.

  • James Willett: Revolutions are fueled by postings on YouTube.