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Jeremie 2022-09-19 23:10:26

The New Zealand film shared the 1993 Palme d'Or with Farewell My Concubine. There are several movies with "piano" in the name, piano teacher, piano lesson, pianist, pianist at sea...

This "Piano Lesson" can be said to be the one with the most focus on the piano. The whole film runs through the original piano music of the film, which has been widely circulated later., I have seen this song pirated by N many local stations. There are also many beautiful piano melodies.

The picture of the film is also very good, the sea, beaches, jungles of New Zealand...

As for the plot, it can't be said to be mediocre. The heroine is dumb, and the piano is her only hobby and the destination of her soul. However, she married New Zealand with her beloved piano, but her husband disliked the piano and abandoned it on the beach. Her only channel for venting was also blocked, until her husband's native servant, Toutoubai, helped her touch her favorite piano again... I won't say what happened next, just see for yourself. Although it is rather unbelievable, from the point of view of a dumb, depressed person whose only soul mate is the piano, the subsequent development of the plot seems understandable.

Another major feature of this film is that this is the first film I have seen in which the male body is quite ugly in the sex scene, but the picture is beautiful. It has to be said that it is the power of the camera.

All in all, it's a sight-and-sound film. Especially listening. Friends who like piano should not miss it. Let's feel the performance on the white sand beach accompanied by the waves crashing on the shore!

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