Music illuminates the soul.

Clare 2022-10-01 06:05:19

For Ada, there is nothing like playing a piece of music on the piano to express the joy of my heart.
The reality is that the piano was abandoned by the sea, and the husband who married later did not understand her love for music, but was understood by an illiterate reckless man.
I saw Ada's helplessness on the face of the beautiful and angular woman. No amount of language is superfluous at the moment. She ran to the sea and played the music she loved beside the surging tide. She has love in her heart because of music. Lost music, unable to express normally.
She decides to trade her own body for music, and every time she touches the keys she feels like she loves her lover, and she feels her soul released when she plays. It was only out of love for Ada that Bein offered to exchange the keys. I saw the panic in Ada's eyes, I saw her hysteria and anger, and I saw her dedication to music. Even his love for music turned to the man. That's why he agreed to the harsh requirements, let him kiss her again and again, take off his clothes and hug her. She was thinking that doing this would get him his piano back. He was desperate, he realized that such behavior was no different from a whore, he wanted her to care about him, but she didn't.
But she later discovered that on this isolated island, he was the only one who could understand how much she needed music. She was no longer calm when she played the piano at the end, she cared about the man behind her who peeped at her. There is also desire and passion behind such weak innocent eyes.
All emotions are deformed. Jealousy between men is often beyond people's imagination, and Stewart's love for Ada turned into hatred when he watched his wife and Bein together. Don't let her go out. Let him want her to lose music forever. He chopped off Ada's fingers. But then she still had Bein on her mind. It was he who enabled her to have music and to play the piano every day. Even so. She was willing.
Behind her calm expression is a powerful dark skill. She and Bein can finally be freed from that terrifying island. At the moment when the piano fell into the deep sea, she thought that she could also dive into the silent ocean and never return. But she told her in her heart that she was born again because of love.
She can still play the piano and she can continue to love him. The language is pale and the music is beautiful.
Such a shocking story. She has extraordinary resilience, both in her pursuit of music and herself.
This is what a female director wants to express.

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