lonely and beautiful

Carson 2022-09-30 11:20:38

For some reason recently, I always wanted to write something about loneliness. Maybe it's been raining so long in the south that almost everything is getting hairy. I feel like I'm about to grow hair too. In the summer of 2011, I was basically wearing a white shirt and jeans, with my head down, walking in the hot and sultry air, longing for the white summer sun to illuminate the earth. On a lively weekend, I suddenly thought of her again - "Piano Lesson". In fact, it cannot be regarded as sudden, but I have always wanted to write about her. Without such a state of mind, without such words, it is difficult to write. This long loneliness gave me inspiration.
I have watched "Piano Lesson" many times, and every time I am very immersed, I can't extricate myself for a long time. I recommend this film to almost all my friends, including my students. Reviews are always mixed, but no one denies her shock. A friend said after seeing it: there is nothing to see, but you and the heroine have a similar temperament. I was very surprised, at that time, we did not meet for long. On the surface, I am lively, but I often fall into the temptation of loneliness.
People treat me like a monster, and I'm glad - Ada said.
Ada has not spoken since she met the piano at the age of six. The piano became the only object of her spiritual communication. She took her daughter to a white colonial farm in New Zealand, spent her first night on the coast, and finally welcomed a husband she had never met at dawn. The husband looked at her carefully, this petite, thin, pale, can't speak, but carrying a piano all the way, can only be regarded as unsatisfactory. He took away all the dowry items, but left only the piano. Faced with such a decision, she was powerless to resist. Under the blue sky, the blue waves rolled up thousands of piles of snow, and the lonely and noble piano was left alone on the beach. The waves swarmed one after another, and the piano was silent. Standing on the cliff, she stared deeply, her eyes lingering with nostalgia, and time stopped for this moment. She told the piano with her eyes, her life, she will definitely come back.
Since then, "husband" can no longer enter her world.
In desperation, she only found another white Bein and asked him to take her to the beach. She and her piano meet again after a long parting day and night. Without words, she gave her hands to the piano without reservation, her fingers fluttered on the keys, and she began to speak impatiently. From the beginning to the later murmuring, endless and tireless. In the sunset, she smiled intoxicated, such beauty, only God and I know. It was so beautiful that the man beside her could no longer take her eyes off her.
The next story may not be my favorite. A woman, two men, the piano told her how to choose. Bein hired the natives to transport the piano from the beach back home, and exchanged the 80 acres of land he owned with the woman's husband just to get the piano. Then the greedy husband agreed, and out of pity he agreed to Bein's request to have his wife come and teach piano lessons every day. This is how it ends, an almost illiterate man who accepts the piano and finally has her.
Critics say the work is a story about a woman's awakening, or a story about love. In my opinion, these are all too esoteric for me to understand. Just like the peculiar emotions of Ada and Bein, not everyone can have it, experience it, and understand it.
I am more obsessed with that woman. She is thin but strong, simple and rich. I admire her strength, I am infatuated with her richness, and even more envious of her silence. She is silent, but she is not alone. The piano provided an unimpeded bridge between her and her heart. In the sound of the piano, she danced with her heart and smiled charmingly. She can thus proudly abandon language and sink into a place where no one comes and goes. Her world is so quiet and simple, but you can't come close to reading it. People can live such a simple, free, beautiful and elegant life.
Are we in the world lost too much in the excitement? With language, there is no soul. I have said too much nonsense, but I cannot find the sincerity in it; I have heard too much sweet talk, but I cannot see the truth behind the lies.
Maybe it's time to tell us, shut up and listen: the sky, the beach, the piano...and your own heart...

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