Democracy's Bandit War

Claudie 2022-04-23 07:02:27

"Those who fight against the devil must always be vigilant, lest he himself become a devil"
- Nietzsche

The confrontation between Muslims and the Western world has a long history. If we don't pursue the history and the original reasons, it seems that the confrontation between the two sides is even more heated.

The Western world likes to package itself as "democracy". Including our young Chinese, who have also received long-term immersion, believe that extreme terrorism is against humanity. To be completely wiped out.

But after fighting against terrorism for so many years, why is ISIS gradually expanding and threatening the world? Just like the so-called "suppressing bandits" back then, why do more bandits are being suppressed?

There are two voices.

The first is that the strategy is wrong. People keep coming out and saying that Western politicians are not firm enough in their attitude towards fighting terrorism. Like the hesitation when a drone detects innocent civilians or is suspected of killing another country's citizens.

Another is a strategy. Some people say that it was wrong from the beginning. Don't try to control the Middle East, give its people more autonomy, and give up competing for the interests of the Middle East.

Gradually it became incomprehensible, gradually became a big social discussion, and gradually became the rise of right-wing forces. Watching helplessly as the Chinese are in both the Middle East and Africa, they are like a duck to water.

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  • Shaun 2021-12-19 08:01:08

    It's really exciting. In just 102 minutes, the audience has been immersed in different perspectives to examine a daily event that may actually happen in those areas every day. Controversies of different interests, complex political struggles were successfully completed by Helen Mirren led by a group of actors. The atmosphere in the first half is rendered first-rate, and in the end, it really breathes with tension. Fanfen is also handsome and beautiful in uniform, RIP Rickman.

  • Tracy 2022-03-22 09:01:58

    The rhythm is tight, and it was originally a moral discussion with no absolute answer, but the slow motion at the end that highlights the death of the little girl and the fun makes the author's position completely moral and hypocritical.

Eye in the Sky quotes

  • Angela Northman: In my opinion, that was disgraceful. And all done from the safety of your chair.

    Lt. General Frank Benson: I have attended the immediate aftermath of five suicide bombings, on the ground, with the bodies. What you witnessed today, with your coffee and your biscuits, is terrible. But what these men would have done would have been even more terrible.

  • [last lines]

    Lieutenant Colonel Ed Walsh: You did well. Both of you.

    Steve Watts: Thank you... Sir.

    Lieutenant Colonel Ed Walsh: Now you go home. Get some rest. I need you both back here in 12 hours... Okay?