Memories of a summer run

Raleigh 2022-09-02 01:13:54


A gust of wind blows gently on a summer evening.

She came to this remote island with her piano and her daughter. A child who learns the piano is a lonely person, and evil and love spread at the same time. When he returned the piano, why did she still run towards his room like a witch.

What is it that guides our will? Is it our will itself?

The love you have, and the temptation that is not temptation. Why do I want to escape, that can't help, possessed will.

Can sanity and romance form a balance? Wild horses run wild. I know I am wrong.

I crossed the forest, crossed the river, crossed the village, crossed under the bridge, crossed the dust, crossed the moving vehicles, and came to the old castle. As I travel, I enjoy a joy.

Then wait for a person, with the time of two cigarettes, but not the end of it all.

Imagine myself running, melting into the unreal scene, doing something inexplicable. You don't know how the dream begins.


The piano is the human body. Playing the piano is like stroking the body. The piano keyboard of my dreams, on which my fingers rise and fall and press. All my fingers are you.

I have tried my best to connect with you. And you just play your own piano. You don't care about me, you just care about yourself, you are still in your own world.

When I had no choice but to give up, you slowly started something. I returned the piano to you, but you came to me with your own will. I've worked hard to build a habit that makes you reluctant to let go.

You start to play my body, you no longer stay in the young castle. You wake up from a slumbering silence. Our piano voices began to meet.

Our life, which is splitting every moment, is birth and death. We are all afraid. To associate with another human being is enough to raise our solemnity to a posture of fear. When you touch another body, when you decide to relate to him, how can you not be afraid; when you decide to open your heart, how can you not feel that it is an adventure.

Can I be reborn, can I know my inner self. May I find the answers and all the meaning in playing your piano.

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