The Piano

Adelle 2022-09-02 04:27:15

Ada has not spoken since she was six years old, because she felt that she could express her feelings through music, and words were just a burden to her.
It's hard for me to imagine what her feelings would be like for such a woman. I thought she was timid and cowardly, at least she wouldn't take the initiative to pursue her own feelings, that's why she would let her father marry her to a distant colony, to a complete stranger. In other words, she doesn't care about her feelings, her heart is only reserved for her own music, so she doesn't care who she is marrying and where she is going. As long as there is a piano with you, you can live anywhere.
Maybe when I started, I was not wrong. Ada's heart is tied to her own piano, tied to her own music. Therefore, when her husband cold-bloodedly abandoned the piano on the beach and sold it to Baines without any pity, her love could not belong to her husband. She was willing to make sacrifices because Baines could offer her the opportunity to play the piano and the hope of an exchange. In my opinion, it is not surprising that Ada, whose life is music, does this series of actions.
But as the story progressed, I discovered that Ada wasn't what I thought it was. It turned out that she would also fall in love with someone, and her love so deeply and so strongly. When the furious husband threatened to chop off her fingers, I didn't expect to see such a bloody scene, and I didn't expect that Ada would trade her fingers for the freedom of love. There are very few expressions on Ada's face throughout the story, and I often can't figure out what the hell she's thinking. At the end of the story, when Ada pushed the piano into the sea, the rope caught her feet and pulled her into the sea. I thought she was trying to bury herself in the sea, not knowing what she was thinking. I thought she still loved her music the most, and it was a poignant ending to be buried at the bottom of the sea with her piano. Fortunately, at the last minute, Ada chose to break free from the rope and float to the surface. Life and death were just her momentary choices, and she finally chose to bury her silent self forever, thus gaining a new life.
I really liked the character of Baynes, he noticed Ada's music, her soul. Although he exchanged the piano for Ada's closeness I find it disgusting, but in the end he gave up the exchange and gave the piano back to Ada. I forgave this man then. He knows how to cherish the people he loves and how to respect the people he loves.
Ada's daughter is sometimes not so cute. Especially when I was moved by the love between Ada and Baines, she who once swore not to be called "Dad" seemed to be captured by Ada's husband, changed her mind and betrayed her mother several times. I don't understand what the little girl is thinking. In my eyes, a daughter should always belong to the same country as her mother! Maybe she was a child who liked to be valued and cared for, and also jealous and mad when her mother put her attention and affection on another person. When she saw her mother's fingers chopped off by her father, I think she was not only afraid, but also guilty...poor child.
When I was very young, I saw the poster of "Piano Lesson", with a gray-blue sea, a gloomy sky in the background, a gray mountain, and a lonely piano on the beach, and I was very impressed. I made up another lesson today, so here is a note.

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  • George Baines: I want to lie together without clothes on.

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