Real love and perfect love

Leonard 2022-09-19 12:19:42

Actually I don't really like the ending, Ada is still with Bai. So, when I saw Ada sinking to the bottom of the ocean, what I thought was, how can this woman live the rest of her life with such a man?
But, this is the life she wants, isn't it? She wanted the man to give her metal fingers, even if it made others see her as a monster. She began to learn to speak, even if she only dared to pronounce it when she was covered in a turban. They kiss and make love, whether it's erotic drive or a confluence of emotions.
She's been in a spiritually perfect love - her heart resonates with her ex-husband. And there is the crystallization of love, life is like this, enough.

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The Piano quotes

  • Stewart: I trusted you.

  • George Baines: What happened? Tell me. Tell me! Where is she? Shh. Quiet down! Quiet down. Where is she?

    Flora: He chopped it off.

    George Baines: What did she tell him? What did she tell him? I'm going to crush his skull.

    Flora: Nooo! No, no! He'll chop her up!