rain keeps falling

Elmira 2022-10-24 23:41:47

It was not until the last moment, when the voice of the little girl in the heroine's heart sounded again, that I really felt that this movie was worth the two hours I watched.

Maybe it's so prestigious that I expected too much, or maybe the version I saw wasn't very clear, and for two hours, I was constantly disappointed, paused, ate a bunch of food, took a shower, and even washed a bunch of clothes. . This movie made me so depressed. This depression is again different from most depressions I've seen before, and more akin to suffocation. Said to be a romantic film, except for the last five minutes, I can't see romance, let alone love. What I saw was the loneliness that was difficult to vent and the chest tightness with no way out.

It was a coincidence that I saw this film today, and it was a good fit. The early pioneers mentioned in the "New Zealand: Untouched" I recently watched, this is a living documentary. The incessant winter rain in recent days, like the rain everywhere in the movie, the dark light, the deep mud, the icy water, the whimpering wind, has made me uncomfortable and uneasy.

She made me so naked to see the consequences of a woman being provoked by lust, facing a man who seemed to understand himself but had no common language to fall in love from the initial revulsion. In fact, only at the end, I admit that there may be a shadow of love. She always had such a tangled expression, which made my heart palpitate, but I didn't quite understand and didn't quite agree with her.

Whether it's her heroically sinking slowly with the piano on the seabed, or the bright clothes embracing the neatly dressed man who can't read, I can understand and like her. Too bad it was only the last few minutes of two hours.

How much I like the moment when she and the piano sank into the sea, that is the real free her, the real her. The expression is so stretched, as if he is really talking. I have also experienced the feeling of sinking into the water like this, but without my "piano" to continue to pull me down, let me sink into silence and calm with it, sink into eternity. So, I can only surface myself after watching the bubbles I spit, cough out the choking water, and continue to breathe.

It was raining all the time, in the movie, in New Zealand hundreds of years ago, outside the window of Shanghai at night. It didn't wash away, but it caused mud everywhere.

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