poor husband

Jean 2022-09-26 23:27:25

Because I have admired the name for a long time, I finally finished it, but I always feel uncomfortable in my heart, and I always feel that something is wrong.

I admit, the turbulent sea, the noble woman playing the piano, the little girl dancing happily, the waves and the sound of the piano and the laughter of the children, this picture is so beautiful.

However, isn't Ada's move out of the wall? Oh poor husband. He said little by little, and gradually the two of them will have feelings for each other. Who knew that her wife had already fallen in love with someone else.

You might say that poor people must have something to hate. Indeed, the husband did not respect Ada and left the piano by the sea. And use the piano and teach the piano as a condition of exchanging land. It was he who pushed Ada to Bo and gave Bo a chance.

Even so, my scales are in favor of Ada's husband. He is a sensible person with some interests. His anger finally exploded when he saw the keys. He cut off one of Ada's fingers. After that, he finally let Ada go, fulfilling them.

I forgot, this is a feminist film, a film that promotes the spirit of female independence. I forgot how great love is, in spite of all odds. I forgot that true love can transcend linguistic and ethical borders. Oh, I'm so sorry, I shouldn't have been blaming Ada for right and wrong. She has her freedom, she has the right to pursue happiness. But I can't accept such a background setting. A widow with a child crossed the ocean to get married, met another man, abandoned her husband, and said it was a true love.

I am too conservative. Just like I can't read "Long Dreams of the Covered Bridge", I am not much moved by "Piano Lesson". If the director sets the ending of Ada sinking into the sea with the piano, then I will be deeply moved, just like "Blue Sea and Blue Sky". Unfortunately, the ending was happy, so there was nothing left for me to remember.

Poor husband, I can only say that he is a bad guy, his wife ran away with someone else. I don't know love, it's vulgar to say that. Then why do I feel sorry for Li Qiao and Li Xiaojun in "Sweet Honey" again. Oh, I don't get it.

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