One Eyed "Piano Lesson"

Shakira 2022-11-26 01:08:18

Jane Campion takes art to the extreme. Art comes from life and is higher than life. As the most modern form of art creation, film certainly has more capital that is divorced from reality. She grasped this point and set the story in New Zealand, which was uncivilized a few years ago. The protagonist is a woman who can't speak the piano. With her daughter, she was air-dropped into this wild and unfamiliar world to meet a stranger. Men get married. Such an era, such an environment, such a character must not be familiar to the audience, and the "resonance" of recent movies is even more difficult to find. But, on the contrary, the plot becomes more pure and uninhibited when it is disconnected from these inextricable connections. The director can boldly carry out imaginative creations and tailor them according to their own feelings. Watching such a film, the sense of strangeness will quickly establish a sense of identity, and the audience is so easily swayed by the story itself.

Director Jane Campion is New Zealander. Her unique feeling and understanding of New Zealand is woven into the thread of the film. At that time, New Zealand called it "barbaric". The British who couldn't get along in the country used tools for land, mud, swamps, naked bodies, tattoos on their foreheads, everything exuded the most primitive atmosphere of a creature. . Here people also reveal animal nature, revealing anger, jealousy, and naked desire. Campion has accurately grasped these environmental characteristics, which, on the other hand, give a reasonable explanation for the fate of the characters in the film.

Even though it is such a movie that is far from modern humans, it can still move thousands of people in the past ten years, just because it tells a topic for all human beings - the saving power of love. And the saving power of love is characterised when it finally falls in love again in a woman who is cold and self-conscious and unwilling to speak, and begins babbling; When it was in New Zealand, it was restored to its simplest and primitive form, and its "universal existence" was fully confirmed.

This kind of design not only avoids the embarrassment of being difficult to please the audience, but also assists the core of the film, which is really ingenious.

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