Such firmness.

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I have always wondered how much courage it would take to be able to decide to let go of a certain ability that I was born with. When she was young, she felt that language was weak and useless most of the time, so she rejected it completely. Express yourself only in sign language when needed.

I had a time like this many years ago. I felt that communicating with people would easily put me in an embarrassing situation, so I decided to stop talking. But because his mind was not calm enough, he was always too impetuous, and he blurted out the words that broke his oath.

This choice makes people calm in the midst of the noise. Wuyan created a lonely environment. When her hands touched the keys, her world was nothing but her and the piano.

With a daughter left by her ex-husband, she was married to a distant and unfamiliar place and sailed across the ocean in a boat. They were thrown on the shore, and before the strange husband came to pick them up, their luggage was washed away by the sudden tide. They knelt on the piano, and she broke a part of the wooden board outside the piano, put her hand in it, and played on the keys at will, she felt at ease.

In addition to a group of natives who carried things, there were also his business partners who came to pick her up with her strange husband. Although her husband treated her gently, he did not understand that the sober woman in front of him wanted to leave her piano on the shore.

The partner, in exchange for the land, brought the piano home. Ask her to come and say she wants to study. He sat behind her, looking at her white neck, his slender arms gently rising and falling on the keys. He said, if you allow me to do anything while I'm playing, I'll get your piano back.

She came every day, and he stroked her arm as she played. Then he asked to have sex with her, and she hesitated for a long time before agreeing to the request.

This originally vulgar man was rudely poured into her world because of love.
This feeling with a kind of cruelty that cannot be rejected broke her heart of being alone with the piano. Their piano lessons are a protracted war, using affection and love to conquer the strong castle she has built since childhood.

His husband hid under the house and witnessed their sex. Locking her up, trying to use house arrest in exchange for a vulnerable woman's feelings, but I don't know that her heart is hard, and the loyalty in it is completely beyond the imagination of men.

She asked her daughter to hand over a key of the piano to the man she loved, but because of her daughter's resentment, it went to her husband. The man who was cutting the wood rushed home angrily, dragged her out of the house in the heavy rain, and wanted to get proof from her that he had not been betrayed. She didn't speak, so her fingers were cut off. Blood spurted out, but she didn't care. Running hard all the way to meet her lover.

Her heart betrayed her hand, and her hand betrayed her partner of many years - the piano. She left with her lover, and on the rough sea, she tied her feet to the piano with ropes. Then the piano was pushed into the sea.

She was dragged obediently into the sea. Suddenly, she struggled again, and with the help of her lover, she broke free from the rope and returned to her boat.

Xu is the process of dying in exchange for her rebirth. She re-established a normal life with her lover. She spoke to him, picking up words she had abandoned for years. Every word is unfamiliar and clumsy, but there is a wonderful stubbornness in his eyes.

This is one of the few romance movies I've seen.
Attracted by the perseverance in this woman's eyes. Once you decide, you can stop talking. Once you decide, you can go back to the lively trajectory of life.

Being alone with the piano for many years, her heart is not polluted by the noise. Like a pure crystal, not polished by the hardships of life. All along, you can stick to your own ideas, and you can be brave to love.

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